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Restaurant CRM Solutions in the Cayman Islands

Let Netclues Help with your Next Restaurant CRM Project

Restaurant CRM System Solutions

PowerCRM (Restaurant CRM) from Netclues will help you manage your customers and grow yourbusiness. You can use our CRM system to run the right strategic promotional campaigns and increase customer retention. Simply provide better service to your existing guests with PowerCRM and help sell your restaurant's services to prospects.

With our CRM System you can expect to do do a few things and leave the most on the system automation. One system to manage customers, new reservations, potentials, marketing communications and more, this will be the last system you will purchase to improve you business & customer relation.

Key Features

  • Collection of customer data from various sources
  • Get to know your guests and market to them efficiently
  • Save important customer data
  • Customer reporting
  • Improved guest experience
  • Creation of a centralized customer database
  • Customer database marketing
  • Customized messages and promotions to privileged customers

Over a period, our CRM system can be used a centralized database for your restaurant business, so that you can obtain insight into your typical customers and their spending patterns. You can easily prepare reports about your customers and their individual food/drink preferences, contact information, as well as the time since they last dropped by your restaurant.

Now it becomes very easy to send customized messages as well as promotions to your best customers. Also, you might want to contact customers who haven't visited your restaurant in a long time. With the powerful business campaigns that you can launch with the help of Restaurant CRM from Netclues, you can bring the power back into your hands.

What Next?

Adopt a proactive approach with PowerCRM (Restaurant CRM) from Netclues and grow sales in a predictable manner. Why not think of your guests as your revenue engine! We would recommend a short meeting so we can show you how Netclues can bring in value to your restaurant business/chain.

Some killer solutions that will help manage your business more efficiently and grow exponentially

Responsive Websites

Netclues will design a clean and crisp responsive website for your restaurant business that will delight your clientele. Also introducing Restaurant PowerPanel, a system to run websites specially designed for the restaurant sector...

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Restaurant Content Management System (CMS)

Our Restaurant Content Management system is specifically designed for ensuring smooth restaurant website operations. In this way, even non-technical personnel such as restaurant owners, managers and website administrators...

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POS - Point Of Sale System

We provide an efficient restaurant POS system that can be easily customized to your business. Whether you are a casual, family, take out or a fine dine restaurant, our affordable system helps you grow your business.

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Digital Menu Management

Printing menus are old style; it's time to use the latest technology & devices. Netclues Digital Menu Solution allows you to use any tablet as a menu. This digital menu provides the ability to display additional information...

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Web Based Reservation System

The expert web-based reservation system from Netclues helps you to effectively manage your restaurant's reservations, table and guests. A centralized system allows you to manage reservations through Web, Phone, Email & walk-ins.

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Web Based Gratuity and Payroll System

No need to worry about messed up excel sheets, use our simplified & easy to use system especially for restaurants. Simplify the tip calculation and distribution process by automating it and make the employee payroll system amazingly painless.

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Restaurant Marketing Program

Netclues provides robust restaurant website marketing solutions (SEO, SEM and SMM) so that you can effectively promote your restaurant to your target market and create a unique experience that makes them come back for more.

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Email Newsletter System

Keep in touch with your loyal & potential customers with our easy to use email newsletters system. With Netclues newsletter system you can keep your customers informed about your Specials, New Chefs, New Menu, Events & more...

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Restaurant Signs and Printing Collateral

We know how important presentation is in the restaurant and food business hence we provide our customers not only digital but also printing solutions. Everything from signs to printing Business Cards, Brochures, Menus & Banners...

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