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Intranet Hosting in the Cayman Islands

Let Netclues Help with your Next Intranet Hosting Project

Intranet Hosting Services in the Cayman Islands

Well, congratulations you are one of the smart organizations who have their own Intranet but what now? Where do you host the data so its secured and quick to load? Don't worry! Netclues has got a perfect solution for you. We can host your Intranet in our Cayman Islands servers or even take it to the cloud. Our experts will come in and review your requirements and based on that we will make a call whether to host on-site, off-site or in the cloud. Call Netclues for a free review of your Intranet network.

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7 Common Questions

About Intranet answered

An intranet can be referred to as local internet because it creates a restricted local network for the company's internal communication rather than access to the World Wide Web. It helps create a secured communication environment and acts as a centralized hub for sharing information and computing resources throughout the organization.

Every company needs an intranet. The intranet means much more simplified, accessible, and secured internal communications in the company. The information placed on the intranet is available to each employee as well as allows you to confer different access permissions to employees. This results in increased productivity and ultimately leads to increased growth.

Absolutely! We provide training until you and your staff members are 100% confident with the product. We will also work with you on a monthly basis to retrain your existing staff or the new employees. Besides, we are available 24X7 at your disposal should you have any query or difficulty.

It isn't expensive! Like any other solution, you should understand that implementing Intranet will have its expenses, but you need to measure its returns. It can be tempting to pick the solution with low investment upfront without considering the overall impact on your business. But make sure you gauge your options whether they are positive or negative in terms of returns, sustainability, and long-term running costs.

Not much will be required from your end in the implementation phase. We will be setting up the entire intranet on your server, test the system and train your staff.

Intranet helps all the employees of the company understand the company's goals, communicate efficiently, improve productivity and decrease dissatisfaction.

The number of employees you have is only one factor that would contribute to deciding whether to have an intranet or not. Even if you have only 5 employees, an intranet may provide substantial benefits.

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