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Certificates & Awards

At Netclues we intent on being a company that the entire community is proud of. We invest greatly in people & technology. We have some extremely talented people who work with us to give our clients exceptional products & service. We never satisfy with “good enough” we always aim for perfection & excellence. We work extremely hard and now and again get recognized for it as well.

Here are some of the awards, partnership & recognitions achieved by Netclues:
Facebook Marketing Partner for Agency

Facebook Marketing Partners

We’re so excited to be recognized as an official Facebook Marketing Partner and to be working with the Facebook team to provide a fast and affordable marketing solution to our clients. Netclues was early to embrace the power of social media and we were one of the first companies in educating our customers on the advances of using social networks like Facebook to market their business in the Cayman Islands and beyond. With our expertise in the areas of Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Identity Creation & Consulting and more, our certified staff members and the various successful campaigns we have run over the years including the large spend we have with Facebook, they decided to grant Netclues with Facebook Marketing Partner status…


Netclues Is An ICANN Accredited Registrar

ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the body which implements IANA(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) functions. IANA functions are meant to make sure internet runs smoothly. It is the body which controls assignment of numbers and names on the internet. ICANN is responsible for distributing numbers and names on the internet. Its accreditation means that Netclues is a trustworthy agency to register your domain names.

google partner

Google Partner

With Netclues Google Partnership, we can draw on the vast range of research that Google produces to help customers gain and hold a competitive edge. We have dedicated expertise for building and managing your demand generation program.

bing ads

Bing Certified

Netclues is a Bing Ads accredited professional company, and all our employees are Bing Ads™ Qualified Individuals. Bing Ads and Google AdWords are a similar platform but with a very different reach. We help companies increase their reach by advertising on Google, Bing & various other platforms. Let Netclues help you – from our thorough training and years of experience, we know how to maximize results from Bing Ads.

microsoft partner

Microsoft Silver Partnership

The Microsoft Silver development partner is a particular grade from Microsoft to a company showing that the company is theatrically & practically sound in Microsoft technologies. We have extensive experience in developing applications using .net, SharePoint & various other Microsoft technology.

google adwords

Google Adwords

Netclues is a Google Adwords certified partner, an accreditation given to the company that is exceptionally well-versed with the platform. Our extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of Google Adwords have helped us gain the trust of our clients by expanding their reach over the years. We know the subtleties and can get your ads up and running in a fashion that ensures they fetch optimum results.

google app

Google Apps

Netclues is an authorized reseller for Google Apps email services. Google Apps business version not only help you spend less time on email and more on your business but also empower you to manage documents, share files and photos, Youtube and more. We will make setting up, maintaining, and managing your emails on Google a breeze.

Symantec Secure One

Symantec Secure One

Symantec is one of the global leaders in the cyber security arena offering robust and futuristic security solutions for businesses. Netclues is a registered partner of Symantec Secure One and offers advanced threat protections like endpoint protection, email security, secure web gateway family and more to clients.

Symantec Secure One

AWS Partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform that is popular for its sophisticated and scalable on-demand cloud solutions. The partnership program of AWS demands rigorous competencies and skills. Netclues readily met with all the requirements and formalized this years’ old partnership with AWS.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Netclues is an authorized Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partner in the Cayman Islands and India. We specialize in setting up a comprehensive email solution offered by Microsoft such as Office 365 Enterprise, Dynamic 365, Office 365 and others. Let us help you select a befitting email solution and get you ready in no time.

Microsoft SPLA Partner

Microsoft SPLA Partner

Being a Microsoft SPLA Partner, Netclues transacts across Microsoft cloud services, i.e., Azure, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Dynamics CRM Online. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we help our clients choose a perfect solution for their businesses and offer quick set up along with 24x7 assistance.

cPanel Partner

cPanel Partner

cPanel is a leading control panel software provider and offers dynamic and user-friendly web-based interfaces. As a result of joining hands with cPanel, we now possess full access to licensed API and 24/7 support of a cPanel representative. This helps us offer an intuitive control panel to our clients that perfectly complements our existing array of products and services.

Other Mentions

We at Netclues don’t aim for awards but we strive for perfection & excellence and recognitions comes along. Here are some other mentioned worth mentioning:

These partnerships, awards & certificates mean benefits not only to Netclues but also to all customers.

Providing increased reach to customers with lower costs through strategic partnerships & qualified individuals, these endorsements sets Netclues apart from competitors.

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