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WiFi Marketing in the Cayman Islands

Use your Wifi to market your brand.

WiFi Marketing by Netclues

WiFi + Location + Marketing

One of the core missions of most businesses is to innovate their product offering to enable them to stand out from the crowd and delight their customers with unexpected yet, incredibly useful and innovative services.

Use your WiFi as a channel to engage with customers and promote products and services. The condition of offering something free is always appealing to the customer and by offering Free WiFi, helps gain strategic insights into customer preferences and demographics and interests.

According to a recent survey, More than 60% of businesses say customers spend more time in their locations when they offer free Wi-Fi. For restaurants and bars, this extra time means the purchase of additional drinks and desserts bought before customers leave. For retailers, this means customers spend more time looking at their items, increasing the average sale.

Customers are usually required to log in with options connected to popular social media channels like facebook, enabling the gathering of vital customer information like interests, etc. These help with building new product lines, and marketing and re-marketing campaigns to push social media engagement results with logged in customers and enabling database building.

The WiFI Marketing Software developed by Netclues can track information related to customer traffic and trends. Customized and highly detailed reports provide critical business intelligence information such as heatmaps and most visited locations of customers within the store to improve product and branding placement.

The WiFi Solution also can send push notifications to customers that are near the store or business to inform of flash sales or other offers and products. This could also be customized to provide exclusive codes to see how effective these notifications are.

In short, the benefits of WiFi Marketing totally outweigh the Investment Costs and this is valid for most customer centric industries including Retail Stores, Bars and Restaurants, Shopping Outlets, Malls, Government Institutions, Cafes, etc.

Marketing redefined

Marketing redefined

Embrace new ways to engage with your customers by running targeted Wifi campaigns and email surveys.

Delight your guest WiFi users

Delight your guest WiFi users

Make logging in to your guest WiFi a breeze for your visitors. No more tedious sign-ups.

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6 Common Questions

About WiFi Marketing answered

A Wi-Fi Marketing tool is basically the use of your Wi-Fi connection shared with customers that interact with your business or are at your physical location and are using your Wi-Fi to access the internet. The tool that is designed, has the ability to share a plethora of reports, such as customer details and information, customer interests, customer tracking for product placements, push button notifications for sales and special offers, and much more. Full featured WiFi marketing tools are for restaurants, cafes, retail store, events, small to medium size business and more enabling your customers to connect to your WiFi using their social media profiles, ensuring a quick and simple login.

Turn your WiFi network into a lead generating & marketing tool. Use your WiFi to attract more customers and bring in more business. Embrace new ways to engage with your customers by running targeted Wi-Fi campaigns and email surveys. According to a study, companies reported 72% of success rate in using WiFi to increase their sales figure. Additionally the Wi-Fi tools enables the business owner to get insights on customer preferences via their log in details and demographics which can be easily collected with Social media integration tools and reports, monitor customer choices and devise strategic marketing content to gain further insights and consumer behavior analytics.

It isn't expensive! Like any other solution, you should understand that implementing a WiFi Marketing Tool will have its expenses, but you need to measure its returns. It can be tempting to pick the solution with low investment upfront without considering the overall impact on your business. But make sure you gauge your options whether they are positive or negative in terms of returns, sustainability, and long-term running costs. In a nutshell, the ROI for Wi-Fi marketing usually outweighs the cost of implementation.

Not much will be required from your end in the implementation phase. We will be setting up the entire WiFi Marketing Tool at your location, test the system and train your staff too.

WiFi marketing tool is for restaurants, cafes, retail store, events, small-medium size business and more. WiFi Marketing Tool gives you an opportunity to extend your business and make it big, helps create another marketing channel, and this can increase your business walk-ins and drive customer engagement.

Absolutely! We provide training until you and your staff members are 100% confident with the product. We will also work with you on a monthly basis to retrain your existing staff or any new employees. Besides, we are available 24X7, should you have any query or difficulty.

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