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PowerPanel in the Cayman Islands

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PowerPanel Solutions In the Cayman Islands

Netclues custom designed Enterprise-Level Content Management System is known as PowerPanel. PowerPanel is an enterprise level Content Management System (CMS) that is extremely powerful, yet very easy to use. PowerPanel allows your website, Intranet or Extranet administrators to easily contribute and publish content. PowerPanel is a simplified three-tiered system of data that makes organizing your content a snap. Training is done in as little as 3 hours and is non-technical. Admin can add user and give access to a particular section of the site without disturbing anything else. There is a content approval phase built into the system which will allow certain administrators to approve content before it is published on the live site. Problems like multilingual support, detailed access management, e-commerce & bill payment, backup security & encryption, and browser compatibility are all solved with our standard, tested & proven solutions.

PowerPanel Facts

  • Used by 300+ companies on the island
  • Easy to Use, Customizable, Secure and Flexible
  • Specially Customers for the Cayman Islands
  • Customized and Feature Rich Content Management System
  • OnePush Innovation: Post Content to all your Social Media with OnePush through your Site
  • Google Analytics Integrated
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Built-in Search Engine Module

Netclues PowerPanel Vs Other Open Source CMS Systems

Netclues Content Management System known as PowerPanel. PowerPanel being the Key element in websites developed by Netclues is an Enterprise Level Content Management System (CMS) that is extremely powerful, yet very easy to operate. The simple user-friendly interface helps you to pilot your website like a Professional Website Administrator. This PowerPanel allows your website; Intranet or Extranet Administrators to easily contribute and publish content through smoothly designed and eloquently controlled Process Flow.

Web Security

Considering all the security concerns and the future add-ons that one might be lured to explore, you should avoid any Open Source Content Management Systems available. There has been a lot of talks lately extolling the benefits of the Open Source Technology. While we agree that it is a wonderful way for the programmers to collaborate worldwide whereby creating an altogether a new piece of technology, we strongly differ to opine that a business craving to have a secured and Mission Critical process should simply rely on an Open Source Application for something as significant as their website.

The only benefit of using an Open Source Application is that the code is transparent to all. Yes, you guessed it right. This benefit has initiated the downfall of crucial Open Source apps? Viewing the code is a child’s play. This creates an opportunity for hackers to reverse engineer the code and look for vulnerabilities. If they find vulnerabilities they can use them to access your website, your servers, your message, and wreak havoc. Where does your security concern ... STAND?

Netclues PowerPanel is proprietary software from Netclues and not some Open Source System. This means that your Security concern has been taken care of and you define who has the access to the software that’s responsible for the smooth performance and functioning of your website. It also means that we stand pledged behind to protect and support the CMS and your Website. Our Team of Developers stands 100% accountable for every feature that rolls in/out of your website and precisely lends their ears to listen to our clients’ needs for the new features they might like to have.

Netclues systems are

  • Highly Secured
  • Built with Log and Trash Manager
  • Built ground up with your business and your requirements in mind
  • Highly flexible and customizable as its tailor-made and not an out of the box solution
  • Better Scalability – Addition, and updates in the future are much easier as we are not dependent on a module or add-on which in open source system is developed by community

Our Expertise in Content Management

Clients who trust us


15 Common Questions

About Web Development answered

A website is a collection of publicly accessible and related web pages which provide information on products, services or any other matters under a single domain name. It is stored on the World Wide Web and can be accessed through the browser. The website can be managed by an individual, a group or a business.

In other words, a website is in the virtual world what a book is in the real world! Both have a unique name and provide the information on a specific subject for which they are primarily created.

The most critical reason for getting a business website is because everyone is online, your customers as well as your competitors. Moreover, your customers expect you to have a website! This not only gives you an edge over your competitors but also prevents you from repeating the same information to and convincing the customers. Besides, a website engages your prospect or customers not when you want to sell your offerings but because they are looking for your offerings, enables you to target a wider audience, and saves money in the long-term.

If the fact that you operate a small business alone is preventing you from developing a website for your business, you should re-think about it. Because a website gives you an opportunity to extend your business and make it big, creates another marketing channel, and webrooming can increase your store walk-ins. Moreover, a fact states that online purchases are growing every year. There's no reason that you should not get a website!

Not as expensive as you think! The cost of website development entirely depends upon the functionality, design, and features you want to integrate with it. We can completely customize your website according to your needs and budgets. Moreover, as against the benefits that it offers in the long run, this is undoubtedly an investment rather than an expense.

In simple terms, CMS, generally referred to as a Content Management System, is a web-based interface that helps users to directly add and manage content on the website in an exceedingly structured manner. CMS is crucial for every business website as it empowers the webmaster to manage various attributes that add up to making a modern website. Moreover, to keep the content relevant and accurate at all times, one needs to update it continually. CMS makes this constant process of modification easier and efficient.

PowerPanel is a Control Management System exclusively designed by Netclues. It is an enterprise level CMS that is extremely powerful yet easy to use. It empowers the users to manage their website content efficiently. We have kept in mind the adoption of web amongst the non-technical population. That is why PowerPanel is utterly non-technical and training a new-bee can take at most 3 hours. It is loaded with great features and functionalities that would help an online business to be controlled and managed in the most time-saving and easy manner possible.

That entirely depends on the kind of service or product you are looking to promote through the website. For example, if you are a media company, you should opt for an informational website. We have extensively designed many kinds of websites which include but are not limited to photography website, e-commerce website, online portal, community building website, brochure website, and photo sharing websites. If you still have the confusion, we can help to decide the right one.

Not at all! Our Content Management System makes editing and publishing the content on the website an easy task. Even a person with the non-technical background can edit the website content using it.

Irrespective of what your business type or size is, we highly recommend having a mobile-friendly website. This is because people are increasingly opting to surf 'on-the-go' using their mobile. It is more accessible and offers an added advantage. Moreover, it is a future-proof investment because mobiles are not going anywhere any sooner. If anything, it's increasing with every passing day. So, your investment is safe.

The responsive website refers to a website that can 'response' or resize itself to fit any screen size whether it is opened on a large monitor, tablet or a smartphone. Such websites use fluid grids, and the elements of each page are sized by proportion, rather than pixels. So if a web page has three columns, you would instead say how wide they should be in terms of percentage. For instance, column 1 should take up 50% of the page, column 2 30%, and column 3 20%.

These terms are used interchangeably more than often. While both play a significant role in rankings and user experience, they aren’t entirely the same. The main difference between the two is the layout of the information. With mobile-friendly sites, the designed code shrinks to an exact copy of the website visible on a computer to fit it into the small screen of a mobile device.

On the other hand, responsive websites restructure their entire content, so it’s displayed across all devices in an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-read format. Responsive sites create a positive user experience while allowing users to navigate the full site with ease. In simple words, all responsive websites are mobile-friendly, but not all mobile-friendly websites are responsive.

If your primary goals are marketing or public communications, a mobile-friendly or a responsive website will be a practical first step in your mobile outreach strategy almost always. It is because a mobile site has many inherent advantages over apps, including

  • Accessibility - the website can be accessed without any preset condition such as downloading
  • Compatibility - it isn't platform-specific. It works across all devices.
  • Upgradability - it can be updated instantly
  • Life-cycle - it can't be deleted
  • Findability – it can be found easily
  • Reach – it has a much broader reach

A website helps make people aware of the services and/or products you offer, understand why your offerings are relevant or necessary for them to buy or use, and know about your company's qualities that set it apart from your competitors. Exhibiting this information with quality images and thought-out content & design will have a significant influence on customers. Besides, it is important to strive towards making your product as relatable and appealing as possible, and nothing's better than building a website to do it!

Interacting with your audience is crucial to generating more business. But it is not always possible to answer the calls right away, and this may gradually even affect your customer's loyalty. This is where a website plays a crucial role and backs up your business. It makes sense to build a website and let it answer all your customer's queries and even allow them to order or request a service online. This liberates you from the burden of ensuring you are always available to answer the calls as well as enable you to focus on expansion and other critical business aspects.

Our online payment system - Netclues PowerPay seamlessly integrates with any website. Through this, your customers can pay for employing your services or products online via the website. Besides, almost all the major banks in the Cayman Islands accepts online payment due to which the amount can directly be transferred to your account.

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