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17 June 2016

10 Topmost Reasons Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media

In the present era, the concept of social media has caught on rapidly. Companies that have successfully utilized this concept have seen their business grow manifold. Many businesses and organizations are going social and this strategy is proving to be more successful than other traditional techniques. Let us take a moment’s break and examine why your business needs to be on social media, so that you can grow your brand and exponentially increase your sales.

In a 2014 Report by Social Media Examiner, it was revealed that nearly 92% of the total marketers surveyed said that social media is vital for their business. In a study involving over 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses conducted by LinkedIn and market research firm TNS, it was discovered that 81% use social media to drive growth while 94% said they use social media as a marketing tool. Hence, from these figures, it can be certainly determined that social media is here to stay and businesses need to catch the wave before they lose out. Let’s examine some of the reasons why your business needs to be on Social media in the 21st century:

10 Topmost Reasons Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media
Social Media Can Help Your Business Improve

1. To know your Audience

In order to be successful in your business, it is important to know your audience well. All successful businesses have known their audiences well enough to generate profits and evolve sustainable business practices. With the help of certain social media techniques, it is now easy to know the demographics and customer behaviour patterns which help you improve your target audience but also help you understand their specific needs.

2. To Reach new Audience

Once you have established your target audience based on demographics or some other parameter, you can easily utilize social media to reach a new audience on a global, regional, or a local basis. Once you reach this new audience, you can introduce yourselves in a safe and friendly manner. Avoid too much of a sales pitch and you are already on the winning track. Thus, your business can be right in the midst of your target audience especially the very types that gel with your brand and can endorse your product and services. Hence, while you search for them, they too can search for you so long as you are on social media. Moreover, social media helps you trust your clients so that they can trust you as well.

3. To initiate a 2-way interaction

With social media, you can easily interact with your target audience by replying to their queries and concerns and sharing information and product/service updates from your side. This allows you to build relationships that extend beyond the normal purview of business transactions, besides helping sustainability and long-term productivity in business. Besides, you can easily engage your target audience and open the doors to a successful 2-way conversation with your potential clients minus any burden or compulsion.

4. To maintain your current online reputation

Being online does have its pitfalls too. Sometimes, your business reputation can be at stake due to a disconcerted customer or disgruntled employee. You can easily keep a tab on your online reputation as you can easily find out what other people are saying about you or your business. With social media, people find it easy to rant online and let out their grievances without any hindrances. You can easily tap into such sources and try your best to transform the negative views of your customer or target audience into a positive opinion.

Online Reputation Can Affect Your Business
Social Media Can Help Your Business Improve

5. To know the dialogue out there

Knowing what other people are saying about you is essential for a business. Social media provides an excellent place for people to either air their grievances or sing their praises about businesses. If people are saying negative things about your business, you can easily learn those details online. Being able to turn a negative into a positive often makes a big difference for your business and your customers.

6. In order to manage customer service issues effectively

When you are on social media, you can easily look into customer services issues that could have kept on nagging you in the absence of social media. The sooner you know about a pressing issue, the sooner you can look into it and address it as well. Along with several other advantages, you can also expand your social network and include new members so that it is possible to distribute your content to a larger audience. With more people exposed to your products and services, you can expand your reach and expand your business.

7. So that you can reward your customers for positive behaviour

Now that you have developed a strong relationship with your target audience online, you can reward them for their positive behaviour. They can be made to feel good in case they display a behaviour that can help your company gain in the process. So, if you are able to come up with a good program that can be used to transform their behaviour, then you can make offers like promos, discounts, and others for the same.

8. To impact your SEO

Now, here comes the scoop. With a wonderful social media presence, you can definitely impact your SEO. So, if you become more active on social media websites, the more searchable you become. The logic is simple. More and more people are going to share what they like using their social media accounts, which will help you rank higher by way of link building.

9. To minimize costs

Social media also helps you minimize costs in such a way that quality is not sacrificed. It’s not really necessary that you spend a lot of money on promoting your brand. You can utilize the power of social media to do the same, and that too from within the comfort of your own home or office. Social media is the new mainstream media. The internet is another big power that the mainstream world is battling. You can utilize this power to maximize your potential and make it work to your brand’s advantage.

10. To be creative

Finally, social media tools such as FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and others help you unleash your creative instincts to a new height. You can try newer ways to attract customers including creative posts, posting ‘how to’ videos, tips and tricks, reward programs, and others.


Definitely, being on social media pays. You can also interlink your social media with traditional media and include your social media. Focus on your social media and help your company or business build a better brand that will surely succeed. Good Luck!

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