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17 July 2018

5 Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Retail Business In The Cayman Islands

Savvy retailers know that increasing profits are directly proportional to formulating effective marketing strategies. Standing out or getting noticed requires a shift from conventional ideas to neoteric retail promotion ideas. But retailers can easily get involved in day-to-day activities that hardly leave them any time to brainstorm on new retail marketing strategies.

To help you out, we have assembled a list of five marketing strategies that will help boost your retail business in the Cayman Islands.

User-friendly Website Design and Development

Make sure you create a distinctive website to make a positive impression on visitors. Design a website that showcases all your products and services. More importantly, list your store’s location for people to easily locate your store because many prefer to browse your products and services online and then shop from the physical location.

Not only that, more and more people are increasingly using mobile devices. Ensure you have a mobile-optimized website. As rightly said by Paul Cookson - 'Website promotes you 24*7. No employee will do that'.

Leverage Local Search Engine Optimization

Users often search nearby locations on their mobile device on-the-go, of which 78% mobile-searches result in offline purchases. And local SEO helps you reach customers right when they are looking for you.

Hence, it is essential to learn and execute local SEO in order to get your business noticed in the crowd. This includes listing your business with the local online directories, website localization, claiming your Google business listing, quality backlinking and more. This enhances your SERPs ranking in relevant searches.

5 Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Retail Business In The Cayman Islands
5 Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Retail Business In The Cayman Islands

Take it to Social Media

Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective strategies for retail stores. It helps you reach the maximum potential audience. Create your accounts or pages on all the major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and interact with your audience through engaging posts. This instills trust in your brand and enhances your credibility.

You can also run sponsored social media ad campaigns, which are personalized and streamlined according to your preferences and target audience. Hence, reaching only the specific audience at an affordable cost.

Loyalty Rewards & Follow Up

Along with digital marketing, taking a follow up from your in-store customers post-purchase is a great way to build a lasting relationship with them. Reward them for their first purchase or for their loyalty by offering a discount. This indirect in-store marketing will keep them coming back. Because how you sell matters more than what you sell. Moreover, if your customers love your service, they will recommend you- A LOT!

Spurring Sales through Email-marketing

One of the best ways for your retail business marketing is to email printable offers. This has actually proved to be beneficial in augmenting the in-store purchases for many. After all, who doesn’t love extra discounts every now and then? This is especially helpful for those who don’t offer online checkout (businesses like - restaurants and automobile services).

Wrap Up

These innovative ideas for retail businesses should help you push your sales. Do not forget to integrate online marketing with offline exposures like creating an attractive signage or billboards to make the most of your efforts and investment.

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Written by Jay Mehta

Jay Mehta is the Internet Marketing & Sales Executive at Netclues for over a decade. Jay has been a marketer, content writer, blogger, advertiser, project manager and a knowledge base for several business in the Cayman Islands and he has had many publications in the industry.

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