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20 May 2024

War of the Words: AI-Generated or Human-Created Content - Who is SEO’s Superhero?

AI-Generated vs Human-Created Content - The Battle for SEO

Welcome to the arena where you can witness the battleground of content creation. A battleground where the Human-Created Content is at war with the AI-Generated Content.

Since its invention, AI has been learning and training itself to offer its services in most areas that one can imagine. The content creation space is no exception.

Despite AI being a human invention, there has been an implied war (or competition to say so) all around the globe, not to forget that AI has been replacing humans who cannot cope with learning, understanding, and using AI to their advantage.

In the world of SEO,

"If Content is the King, then Content Writers are the King Maker."

However, it is essential to understand the modus operandi of content creation. Whether the content is human-written or AI-created, what matters is that the search engines must love it for its built-in attributes.

From the SEO and search engine's perspective, your content must be fresh, original, and engaging while helping users make informed decisions. If your content addresses the issues, discusses the outcomes and the general impact, and shares solutions to simplify your life, there's no looking back.

As we delve into the war of words, we aim to uncover who truly wears the cape as SEO's superhero. Join us on this thrilling journey where creativity meets technology, and the fate of search engine rankings hangs in the balance.

Know Me: I am AI-Generated Content

These words represent the beginning of a new era in digital creation where Artificial Intelligence will mesmerize you with its storytelling.

AI content generation offers innovation and precision. Based on the prompt provided, AI crafts narratives that resonate with your audiences' needs and requirements. AI has built-in logic and algorithms to understand provided data and generate outcomes.

With precise and well-directed prompts, AI can weave stories that don't engage and entertain but inspire the audience to take action. What more can you expect when your AI can create everything from optimized product descriptions to captivating social media posts? AI's content adaptation technology helps it stand up to the demands of modern communication.

Engineers around the globe have been toiling tirelessly to help AI harness the power of the latest technologies like natural language processing and machine learning. These technologies have enabled AI to puff life into words, making them sound efficient and accurate.

With AI in proximity, content marketing agencies in the Cayman are unearthing the content-creating possibilities, only to find that they are limitless and continually redefine new boundaries of creativity.

AI is not limited to content creation or information analysis. On the contrary, AI is equipping itself to spread the magic of AI-generated content that will shape the new narrative landscape in a totally new dimension.

Can AI-Generated Content (possibly) Rank High on Google?

The simplest question to this question is, "Why Not?"

Again, AI-generated content is a piece of information created for a purpose and goal. The only thing Google or any search engine, for that matter, will insist on is properly optimizing the content, keeping the audience and the purpose in view.

The quality of the AI-generated content is the key element to its success. Besides generating quality content, you must ensure its relevance, engagement, and value for your readers.

“Make Targeted Keywords - Your Best Buddies”

Incorporate them seamlessly and follow SEO best practices to raise the probability of your content ranking high on search engines. When you have a unique and original cuisine to offer, people will love it for sure. The same is true for content. When you present your AI-generated content, keeping its uniqueness and originality intact, nothing can stop its visibility and credibility from escalating for users and search engines.

Now, there is a high chance that the AI-generated content would have errors that can't go unnoticed by the publishing media. Here's where the human editors come into the picture. Collaborating and allowing them to rectify and fine-tune the AI-generated content will help maintain its authenticity and coherence. You could also witness improvement in the search engine ranking potential.

You can combine the efficiency and speed of AI-generated content with the fine-tuning capabilities of human editors. This will help your websites witness increased organic traffic and effective improvement in the overall search engine rankings.

How is AI-Generated Content Beneficial for SEO?

How is AI-Generated Content Beneficial for SEO

AI-generated content has redefined SEO and the content creation landscape with numerous benefits:

  • AI talks Speed. Once the prompt is understood well, AI quickly generates content. It allows AI to create high-quality and consistent outputs like articles, blog posts, social media posts, and website copy. Search engines love the frequent updation of content, which leads to improved rankings.
  • While human minds have limitations, AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data. Post analyses, the AI software can identify trending topics, fetch relevant keywords, and optimize the content to achieve higher visibility and website traffic.
  • AI uses its smart logic to analyze user behavior and preferences before personalizing the content. AI's smart logic can enhance user experience and generate necessary engagement.
  • AI is trained to deliver well-structured, almost error-free, customized content that adheres to the SEO best practices. If trained well, AI can gift your users better readability and comprehensive output while impressing search engine crawlers.

On a larger canvas, AI-generated content delivers a strategic advantage to boosting SEO performance and achieving long-term business success.

“The reason we struggle with content marketing is because we haven’t started with ‘Why?’ Customers don’t care about your vanity metrics. Ask them, ‘How can I help?’” – Kristina Halvorson

Understanding the Drawbacks of AI-Generated Content for SEO

AI has been the talk of the town lately, but every (beneficial) technical innovation comes with disadvantages. AI is no exception to this fact. Hence, knowing and acknowledging the benefits of using AI-generated content for SEO is essential. Still, you cannot ignore its potential drawbacks.

AI completely depends on the quality and quantity of data it trains on. Hence, the content it generates is mostly generic or unoriginal. AI is one of the most beautiful inventions of this century. Still, it is far from having that human touch and creativity that resonates with readers.

The database from which AI learns is generally a few months or years old. As a result, AI algorithms are unaware of the recent developments in a specific domain, which prevents them from capturing the latest refinements. The generated content lacks authenticity, freshness, and updated information and facts.

Again, AI is software that may create technical errors, resulting in the delivery of inaccurate information. Suppose such content gets published without careful treatment by human editors; imagine the negative impact it would create on the credibility and trustworthiness of the content and the brand it represents.

Irrespective of its industry, every brand has its unique voice, pattern of sharing facts, and communication style. Despite its power and prowess, overreliance on AI for content creation can be precarious, resulting in a disconnect from the brand's actual voice. It would additionally lead to inconsistent tone and style across several publishing platforms.

Hence, for someone aligned with a digital marketing company in Cayman, understanding and mitigating AI's drawbacks helps leverage its generated content to its fullest potential while playing safe with your brand equity.

“When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.”
By Andy Crestodina

Advantages of Human-Authored Content for SEO

Advantages of Human-Authored Content for SEO

If created correctly, human-authored content will be the real superhero from the SEO’s perspective. AI, still in its infancy, has a long roadway ahead where it has to evolve and establish its authenticity and accuracy. Nonetheless, human-authored content will remain indispensable unless our focus shifts to erasing the human race completely.

Human-authored content comes with several advantages for Search Engine Optimization:

  • Understanding the audience the right way is a human talent. Hence, human-written content becomes more engaging and can easily be customized to suit the interests and requirements of the target audience. Suppose the content is adequately customized for audience engagement. In that case, the results will display parameters like "Higher user retention," "Lower bounce rates," and "Measurable click-through rates" for your website. These parameters signal the search engines that the published content is relevant, informative, and valuable to users.

  • Humans read, research, think, discuss, and virtually dig through their experiences. Hence, their created content will be original, unique, and brand-centric (talking about the brand's voice), helping your website get differentiated from competitors. When you get original and unique content created by your preferred Digital Marketing Company in Cayman, you successfully evade penalties charged by search engines for publishing duplicate content.

  • Human writers have the ability to weave natural language, emotions, and brand voice into their writing. They can expertly craft country or location-specific content, which enhances the probability of building a genuine connection with the audience. Such content easily engages with the audience, also helps strengthen your brand image, and establishes your authority in your business domain.

If you look at the bigger picture, human-authored content is a critical catalyst in enhancing organic search visibility, driving traffic to your website, and ultimately empowering the overall SEO performance.

While AI-generated content might sound great, it cannot supersede human-crafted content that's original, sensible, refreshing, and curated with the human touch and emotions.

Drawbacks of Human-Authored Content for SEO Purposes

Human-authored content is one of the most beautiful creations, presenting the reader with fresh and innovative ideas, analogies, and interpretations of various subjects, concepts, products, and services. This is the positive facet of human-authored content.

But for something so beautiful, it has to have a few drawbacks. However painful, we must accept, admit, and amend these drawbacks for the better.

One of the major key issues to consider is inconsistency in quality and optimization. While writers are unique, their degrees of subject understanding, SEO knowledge, writing skills, and styles will differ. This core reason leads to inconsistencies in delivering quality and clarity of the subject matter.

Again, keyword usage, text formatting, and effective use of SEO principles are huge challenges. With human writers focused on writing content, they tend to overlook important SEO aspects like meta tags, headings, and internal linking strategies, negatively impacting the website's search engine rankings.

Time and cost are sensitive parameters when considering human-authored content vis-a-vis AI-generated content.

Before they earn acceptable experience, every human writer requires proper training, supervision, guidance, and revision. No lunch is free. Hence, companies must invest in these, which increases the cost of resources invested in content creation.

Contrary to AI software, humans are limited by their needs for rest, food, recreation, and remuneration. Humans tend to be biased (about certain ideas and beliefs), which can adversely impact content quality and reliability. Moreover, it could hinder the content's performance in search engine results.

Human-created content can discuss unique perspectives on different subjects while demonstrating creativity. While this is true, it also poses challenges in maintaining consistent SEO standards and achieving optimal search visibility.

A Very Grave Question - Is AI Going to Replace Human Writers?

Is AI Going to Replace Human Writers?

The question that looms large over the writing industry is whether AI will replace human writers.

With this exponential growth, artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly. This growth is a matter of concern as AI is taking over the traditional writing tasks of humans. AI is tuning itself to become technically sound and increasingly sophisticated in generating content. You may pick up any aspect of writing; AI is determined to equip itself with human-like emotions such as creativity, empathy, and nuance, which remain uniquely human.

The fear of AI replacing human writers is real. Many experts are positive about machines being unable to mimic the human touch. They see AI's lack of emotional and critical thinking abilities in writing.

While the debate continues, the key question to ponder is about the future of writing jobs for humans and AI's role in reshaping the content creation domain.

“Useful & Enjoyable & Inspired = Innovative Content.” – Ann Handley

Wrap Up

The debate between human-authored and AI-generated content is still a complex question, with compelling arguments pounded from either side.

Undoubtedly, AI has quickly evolved and remarkably advanced itself in generating efficient content. But, the essence of human creativity, emotion, and authenticity still makes human-authored content unique and closer to reality.

The best part of human-authored content is its personal touch, unique perspectives, and storytelling abilities that human writers bring to the table. It adds a new dimension, ultimate depth, and audience-centric connection that AI-generated content fails to replicate.

With time, clients have started expecting the creators (writers) to deliver more authentic, well-researched, and engaging content, considering it their super value proposition. In this scenario, human-authored content has proven to be vital and irreplaceable in the creative communication domain.

While AI offers efficiency, time-saving, affordability, and convenience, human-created content's prowess and its resonance with the content’s core purpose reiterates the power, capability, and impact of genuine storytelling that human writers deliver.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Netclues?

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Here are several reasons to hire Netclues:

  • Netclues, a prominent Cayman SEO Agency, has a team of skilled and experienced writers. We deliver high-quality content to resonate with your target audience.
  • Our expertise in deploying SEO strategies guarantees that your content ranks well on search engines, driving traffic and increasing visibility.

  • Our commitment to meeting deadlines and exceeding your expectations implies that our clients consistently trust us to deliver exceptional content.

  • Choose Netclues today as your content writing partner to access a wealth of creative talent that will elevate your brand's value through intriguing storytelling techniques.

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