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19 July 2021

The 5 Benefits of Hiring Netclues for your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

The 5 Benefits of Hiring Netclues for your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Do you think that Facebook has run its course?
Or will it soon become an obsolete platform?
It is time to re-assess these statements.

As a social media platform, Facebook has stood the test of time; it is constantly upgrading, updating, and evolving; that being said, Facebook advertising is getting bigger and stronger day by day. It has become marketers’ and businesses ’ favorite advertising platforms as it allows them to put their products and services in front of a massive audience.

Here are some interesting facts about Facebook advertising

  • The platform has an audience of over 2.14 billion
  • An average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads per month
  • The good news is that in the third quarter of 2020, the average price of ads decreased to 9%.
  • Going by the latest stat, Q3 2020, over 10 million active advertisers used Facebook to market their products.

Now the question arises, how to go about it?

And here is how we enter the equation.

Netclues- What & Why?

Netclues is an expert in delivering custom website services, including website design and development. Its other expertise lies in offering far-reaching social media marketing and management solutions for all social media platforms, including Facebook.

Hiring Netclues as a Facebook Marketing Company - What are the advantages?

Save on training cost

Save your and your team’s precious time and money by focusing on essential business processes and tasks. A group of experts at Netclues will handle your brand Facebook advertising. Right from understanding your needs to creating crafted content, creatives, and campaign strategy, we are equipped with personnel and technology so that you don’t end up spending hundreds of dollars on training your employees.


With the proper knowledge, tactics, and know-how, you can rely on our services and acumen for result-driven Facebook marketing campaigns.

Limit overhead costs

If you don’t hire an agency like ours, the unplanned and mismanaged campaigns will only make you lose money. There is a saying, “if you think hiring experienced people is expensive, wait till you hire inexperienced people.” Outsourcing Facebook marketing can help you limit your overhead costs.

In the part where you experiment with ads, filter for the audience, you can lose money on every wrong bet you make. With Netclues, an experienced team will be taking over, and their only goal will be to deliver results that add to the revenue.

Creative & Quality Advertising

We take pride in our services; housing different teams under one roof give us the advantage to thoroughly take care of all aspects of your Facebook marketing campaigns. Be it designing creatives, writing content, the SEO aspect, everything becomes our responsibility.

  • Graphic - The visual aspect of your ad is what gets the mouse clicking and screen tapping. The graphic, video, or GIF should be captivating enough for a customer to stop and go through all the campaign details. And, we know exactly how to go about it. The color palette, fonts, designing elements, and other aspects have to be very convincing and attractive.
  • Ad Content - Our content writers ensure that the language and tonality are a perfect match to your brand and the taglines resonate with your ethos and values. We make sure that your target audience easily understands the content.

Netclues is a Facebook Marketing Partner

Being a Facebook Marketing Partner means having access to resources, training, and tools exclusive and available to a handful of agencies. Having the upper hand equips us with updates with all the latest information you can benefit from as our client. We utilize Facebook’s best practices and apply recommendations from Facebook specialists.

Now, agencies such as ours meet the criteria established by Facebook, and thus we get to partner with them. By choosing Netclues as your Facebook marketing agency, you get the following benefits -

  • Facebook Support - A personal advisor will be at your disposal to respond to your queries and successfully execute every campaign.
  • As exclusive partners, Netclues have access to Betas, Alphas, and new features via the API
  • Being a Facebook Marketing Partner helps us know what is next- so we can plan the strategy and budgets for marketing your campaign on all social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Messenger.

Ready for Facebook Marketing? Get in touch with our team at Netclues

By choosing Netclues as your Facebook marketing agency, you will be able to make the most out of your Facebook advertising. As discussed above, our team will get behind the wheels and curate high-quality result-driven content.

Let us steer your Facebook marketing ship on its correct course. Let’s create a buzz!

Netclues Awards & Recognition

At Netclues we intent on being a company that the entire community is proud of. We invest greatly in people & technology. We have some extremely talented people who work with us to give our clients exceptional products & service. We never satisfy with “good enough” we always aim for perfection & excellence. We work extremely hard and now and again get recognized for it as well.

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