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15 June 2020

Introducing Cayman Islands Restaurant Online Ordering System HotSauce by Netclues

Introducing Cayman Islands Restaurant Online Ordering System HotSauce by Netclues

Having an online presence for your restaurant, take away or café is currently on a high priority now. More and more customers are ordering food online system and picking it up or getting it delivered. Netclues has seen a 300%+ increase in online activity in the Cayman Islands. There has been an increasing number of businesses that are taking their business online and an increasing number of customers who are ordering online as well.

For many, the current scenario means relying on taking phone orders or utilizing third-party delivery services. But with profit-margins already razor-thin and no end in sight for when the business will return to normal, relying solely on third-party services and their commission fees of 12-15% or more is too costly.

A restaurant sending 35 orders a day through third-party delivery services is likely losing over $6,000 a month!

Netclues has developed a smart solution that allows you as a restaurant to allow your customers to order directly from your website with an integrated online ordering. By using Netclues HotSause and keeping it in-house, you’ll not only be able to get through the tough times now but also be poised for unparalleled revenue growth when the coronavirus outbreak is over. Imagine allowing your customer to order online directly from your website and or a mobile app and its 100% commission-free.

In the event that this is your first time working with web-based requesting, conveyance, or takeout alternatives, you need to know that adding an online ordering system isn’t as hard or time-consuming as many restaurant owners fear. With Netclues HotSauce your restaurant system can be ready in 2 weeks with a lot of features like:

Standard Features

  • Restaurant’s menu items with ingredients(toppings)
  • User can choose Free ingredients (no extra cost on order)
  • User can choose Paid ingredients (extra cost added to order)
  • Menu page with categorized menu
  • Ability to download offline menu
  • Enable delivery & pick up options
  • Disable or Enable scheduled delivery or pick up
  • Add multiple locations and limit menu items to each location
  • Add location and stop or allow ordering to one or specific location
  • Allow deliveries or pick up for one or all locations
  • Minimum ordering amount
  • Add gratuity to all orders (Mandatory or Optional)
  • Ability to add Tips to all orders
  • Cart details
  • Cart Page with add or remove items
  • Add multiple items on the cart
  • Checkout from cart
  • Google Map Integration

Menu item details with

  • Food item name
  • Food item description
  • Food Item Picture (with or without pictures)
  • Free toppings of Food Items
  • Paid toppings of Food Items (Toppings with or without pictures)

User Login

  • Purchase History
  • Manage Cards
  • Reorder Last Orders
  • Specials, Discounts & Deals
  • Change Profile

Complete checkout process

  • Add Name
  • Select address
  • Phone number
  • Provide email id
  • Payment type: Online Payment Processing from Netclues, Cash on Pickup/Delivery
  • Cut off time & Blackout Dates

Email Notifications

  • When an order is placed
  • When an order is picked up
  • Account Sign up

Complete detail of order

  • Order time & delivery time
  • Order amount & restaurant detail
  • Ordered item details

Order status

  • Order Placed
  • Order Processing
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered order

Additional Features

  • User order history
  • Order in US or CI (Select your default currency)
  • Order detail with status & item details
  • Favorite list of Menu items
  • Share menu items
  • Teams & condition
  • About us page
  • Register user with mobile number

Admin panel features

  • Add restaurant menus
  • Add menu categories
  • Add menu ingredients (toppings)
  • Check new orders and order details
  • On dashboard check order report
  • Setup delivery charges and areas
  • Enable or disable delivery or pickups
  • Add locations
  • Add menus to different locations
  • Setup restaurant details
  • Set currency for a website
  • Configure payment

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