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24 June 2016

Google I/O 2016 Brings Amazing Changes To The Techno World

Hello tech lovers! We are sure this title will make you curious about the innovations that Google introduced at its recently concluded I/O 2016. We're going to familiarize you with these developments right away! Let’s take a quick look:

What are Rich Cards?

Following the success of Rich Snippets, Google has announced an amazing new format for search results - Rich Cards! You can see how Rich Cards will look like in the image below.

Google I/O 2016 Brings Amazing Changes To the Techno World
Google I/O 2016 Brings Amazing Changes To The Techno World

Now, Google has made it is possible to provide more engagement and visual appeal to content. But, before anything else, it would be good to know that as of now, Rich Cards have been introduced only in English and are limited to recipe and movie categories. Google is, however eagerly waiting for user-response to Rich Cards. Based on the response the company could introduce even more categories in the future. The introduction of Rich Cards is a superb opportunity for marketers to build their reputation and make their mark on the viewer. Hence, one can promote their product more efficiently while making users relate more effectively to the brand or company. This could turn out be the best way to promote a brand or service. The tool is tightly integrated with the Dev Site Search Gallery and the new Search Preview service. Imagine being a restaurant owner or chef, how great would it be to represent a recipe with richer content preview and more prominent images. This means it will be easier to display uniqueness on Google’s platform and attract potential audience for business. For more understanding, you can watch this amazing video:

Advanced Search Console Reports

Webmasters and developers would love this new approach when it comes to Search Console results. Google has introduced a new report format in the Search Console, which will be extremely beneficial for developers to identify if the Rich Card markups are valid or not. Also, one can take benefit of Enhanceable Cards in which more markups and fields can be added.

Search Appearance Filter

Another noteworthy feature which has been introduced is the Search Appearance Filter. Recently, Google has started rolling out this brand new functionality that will how your AMP pages are doing in search. This will allow us to filter our AMP results!

Real Time Indexing for Real time Users

Nowadays, users are mostly interested in real-time information. Besides movies and recipes, they are interested in what is happening around currently . In this scenario, how good would it be if fresh content, which gets targeted via real time events, could get indexed without waiting for crawling and indexing! Publishers can do this easily with the help of Google Indexing API. Although this feature is in its early stages, we should be able to draw maximum advantage from it soon.

Modernised and Remodeled Structured Data Testing Tool

Our most favorite Structured Data Testing Tool is now improved. The tool is now tightly integrated with the Dev Site Search Gallery and the new Search Preview service. From this tool, one can obtain a preview of how the Rich Cards will look.

Easy App Indexing

Re-engaging with app users has never been so easy. What if users have simply downloaded the app but never used it? It wouldn't be fair, would it? Also, the use of this API will help improve ranking in the search results. We would recommend Google’s unified development platform - Firebase. This will be a huge advantage with its Firebase APP indexing. Start using Firebase today!

App Streaming - Good news! For game lovers

Google has introduced the new amazing concept of App Streaming. Now, Android users can try out their favourite games without downloading and installing this app.

Refurbished Google Documentation

Google Developer Documentation is totally revamped. Topical Guide is now more easier to navigate and to follow.

As you will see, Google I/O 2016 has introduced many innovations. Let’s hope these innovations and advanced features will help you improve your SEO and marketing efforts. Good Luck!

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