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02 August 2016

How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram - Heavyweight Competition Edition

Instagram is an effective marketing tool for your business. But you might wonder about how to convert your followers into potential customer and develop your business.

Instagram allows people to share their best moments and for businesses, it assists in making money online. However, you do need to know that this app is different from other social media networks. If you are thinking of bombarding people with spammy marketing advertisements and annoying sales pitch, it is better to drop that idea. Instagram is not the place for you.

But if you want to entice the audience with appealing videos and images, go ahead and use Instagram.

How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram - Heavyweight Competition Edition
How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram - Heavyweight Competition Edition

Tips To Increase Followers And Develop Your Business

Below are few tips on Instagram marketing from iDigic you can use to get more number of followers and make your business successful

1. Create Genuine And Good Relationship With Instagram Influencers

Once you have recognized the right influencers for your campaign, the next step is to engage with them. Just by sending emails and requesting to share your content might have worked in the past. But these days, such tactics will not bring the required success.

The next step is emailing influencers to ask them to promote your products and share your content. You need to create an authentic relationship with them by commenting on their post, following them, reading their blogs, sharing their updates and interacting with them.

Once you have established and nurtured a relationship, you need to contact the Instagram influencers so that you can engage them in your marketing campaign. This is more like a warm lead rather than cold. Sometimes you might find that these influencers will be sharing your content and promoting your brand without asking.

2. Tracking Your Instagram Traffic

Let’s face it, if you are using Instagram for your business, you need to keep track of the Instagram traffic and analytics. Like other social media sites, it is necessary to have a strategy while using Instagram. In order to check out the progress and execution of the strategy, you must know on how you are doing.

One of the best methods to do this is by tracking the Instagram traffic and analytics regularly. However, as you are using Instagram, you would have come across and notice that Instagram does not give any kind of analytics platform within the app itself. There are third party apps which you can use to find out how you are doing.

Tools like Iconosquare, URL Shortener, are some of the more commonly used services for tracking Instagram traffic. These are free platforms and you need to activate the setup procedure to connect to your Instagram account. Once it is connected, they would do all the work for you.

You need update the analytics daily, so that you can keep track of the information. Most of the analytic tools have email notification which provides alert each time when the Instagram analytic is updated.

3. Sharing Content Of Your Community

It is important that while sharing content on Instagram, you have the appropriate rights to share them. If you are sharing your own photos and videos, then it is not an issue but if you are going to post content that belong to others, it is better to check with them.

Reposting visual content from your community is good but you need to have the permission to do so if it belongs to other members. Sometimes it might seem easier to simply use a repost app. But it is a safer approach to ask and then post as it will help in building stronger engagement with people.

Make sure to share only those videos and photos that you have the right to share or have taken. Plus, the content which you are going to share on Instagram must appeal to the audience as a whole along with being engaging enough to get interactions from each of the individual members of the audience.

4. Becoming Creative With Instagram Hashtags

You need to use creative and interesting hashtags to increase your social reach and improve the brand awareness of your business. Like other social networks, Instagram is filled with the list of the trending hashtags that allows users to view the popular topics and latest news in real time.

Online businesses can use these trending hashtags to their advantage. With such hashtags, brands can get visibility and expand their audience through high traffic discussion on topics that are related to industry and service offerings.

5. Sticking To The Basic Theme

When you want to gain more followers on Instagram organically, you need to a niche or theme. This is an important strategy and need to be related to what your business does. If your business is related to green tea and health products, then a theme and photos filled with pictures of puppies and cats is misleading.

The theme you choose must represent what your business stands for and should contain various images and videos about your products and services. It can have pictures from other Instagram accounts, but must be related to what you offer.

Wrapping Up

In today’s highly competitive market, it is difficult to survive and achieve success unless you have the right tools. Similarly, on Instagram, you need to ensure that each image and video is posted must be authentic and interesting. Your main aim should be to increase the number of followers and likes for your Instagram account.

Ultimately, the success of your business depends on what strategy you choose and how much effective it is. Unless you are sure that the strategy is going to work, you must not go ahead with any marketing tactics; no matter how much attractive it may seem.

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