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01 January 2019

How To Market Wedding Companies On Social Media In The Cayman Islands

Destination weddings continue to be big business in the Cayman Islands with an increase in numbers and drawing interest from many sectors. Recently, a magazine was launched devoted exclusively to weddings on the island. So what is the best way for companies to expand their wedding business and set themselves apart in this ever-growing industry?

In order to remain competitive and relevant, it’s imperative today to use social media to boost your wedding business. A survey says that 59% of brides trust blogs and social media platforms like Pinterest & Facebook to find wedding inspiration. These platforms help build your credibility and create an impression.

Here are several ways to address social media marketing for professionals in the wedding industry:

Make the most of SEO

A report says that half of all destination weddings are planned with the help of a wedding planner. Moreover, almost 83% of planning is done online.

So are you present where they are searching for you?

Leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a part of your social media marketing strategy for the best results. It is critical to ensure your business shows up at or near the top of the list when the potential audience is searching or browsing online.

Show up on Instagram

With its focus on photographs and videos, Instagram is the perfect platform for highlighting your wedding services. You can exhibit the wedding journey in images of many clients who have used your service and are willing to share images of their beautiful island wedding. It is also the most widely used and trusted platform to connect and share with potential partners (i.e., wedding venues).

Pin it on Pinterest

Whether it's images of a happy couple, a wedding party, a beachside venue, and décor, a reception, invitations, or an officiant carrying out the wedding service, pin them on Pinterest. It's where couples (to be precise 69% of couples, states a survey) go for ideas and inspiration. Pinterest is the highest rated platform among all for wedding pictures and ideas.

Facebook is still relevant

Almost 76% of the couples post their engagement or wedding news on Facebook. Without a doubt, it is still the go-to social media platform for millions. So keep up your marketing presence there, and make sure your clients "like" and share their posts from the wedding with all of their connections. You may also choose to run an ad campaign on Facebook to reach the specific audience at the right time.

Don't forget to Tweet

Twitter is an excellent platform for getting your photos and comments online instantly and receiving feedback and/or shares within seconds. All of those exquisite images from beach-side weddings, tropical sunsets, and glamorous couples are sure to attract attention, and you can target your tweets to expand your potential customer base. Besides, it only takes a matter of minutes to put up these short and lively posts.

Social Media Marketing Tactics to Stand Out in the Billion Dollar Wedding Industry
Social Media Marketing Tactics to Stand Out in the Billion Dollar Wedding Industry

Bonus - You may also provide add-on services like website building or even develop a wedding-related tool like a budget tracker, and market it on social media platforms. Why? Because nowadays, couples heavily rely on digital technologies. Almost 62% create a wedding website and 52% use a planning app.

So, what are you waiting for? The sooner is indeed the better! Plan an effective social media marketing strategy and leverage all the above stated social media platforms. Because that is where your target audience is busy searching for businesses like yours. If the lack of time is limiting you from sticking to your marketing strategy and posting consistently, let Netclues help you. Our professional team of digital marketing experts can help build brand awareness and strengthen your marketing on social media.

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Written by Jay Mehta

Jay Mehta is the Internet Marketing & Sales Executive at Netclues for over a decade. Jay has been a marketer, content writer, blogger, advertiser, project manager and a knowledge base for several business in the Cayman Islands and he has had many publications in the industry.

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