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24 June 2016

Jay Mehta Wins Employee Of The Year Award At Cayman Islands Stingray Tourism Awards 2016

Jay Mehta Wins Employee of the Year Award at Cayman Islands Stingray Tourism Awards 2016
Jay Mehta Wins Employee of the Year Award at Cayman Islands Stingray Tourism Awards 2016

Netclues Inc. is proud to announce that Jay Mehta has won the Employee of the Year Award in Allied Category at the Cayman Islands Stingray Tourism Awards 2016.

The award ceremony, organized by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) was in its 13th year and took place at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman on 21 June 2016. The Cayman Islands Stingray Tourism Awards are the most prestigious tourism award in Cayman. The nominations in this category witnessed six other worthy and accomplished contenders alongside. Mr Mehta was nominated in two categories this year – Allied Employee of the Year and the Rising Star Tourism Award Category. It is also noteworthy that Jay Mehta has previously been nominated 4 times for the Allied Employee of the Year award and twice for Rising Star Award category.

Netclues also feels proud that because of this perseverance and strong marketing & communications skills, Mr Mehta was nominated for ‘Employee of the Year’ and for the ‘Rising Star Tourism’ Awards. “I feel very proud of the recognition in the prestigious tourism awards. It's really more about doing something to promote the country & act to its benefits, than the award. We all know how trophies are, we forget about them after a while but it's the feeling that matters. This has motivated not only me but the entire team of Netclues to work harder & perform better to promote the Cayman Islands in whatever areas we can” said Jay Mehta of Netclues Inc.

Certificate of Excellence - Netclues
Certificate of Excellence - Netclues

This year has been phenomenal for Netclues as we have achieved Google Partners and Microsoft Partners status. Netclues was also awarded the Certificate of Excellence in recognition of outstanding and lasting contributions to the development and growth of the tourism product in the Cayman Islands. Today, Netclues is a team of around 120 professionals, who have ventured out together to witness a common dream come true – the success of Netclues as a professional and specialized company that works to achieve the heights of triumph that others find it challenging to achieve. As a company that loves challenges in its domain, Netclues cares for its employees as well as its client community and nurtures a vision of achievement in all its endeavours.

Rising Star Award - Jay Mehta
Rising Star Award - Jay Mehta

The goal of Netclues has always been to contribute and bring Cayman to the top of the game, which motivates the entire company to contribute to the tourism sector and whatever it can do to highlight the undertakings and accomplishments of Cayman businesses. This award and recognition of our hard work has immensely motivated the team to strive harder to serve Cayman Islands even more better then ever!

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