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18 October 2019

Meet DotBooker, The Caribbean’s Best Fitness and Gym Management Software

Not all visitor management applications are created equal.

Meet DotBooker, The Caribbean’s Best Fitness and Gym Management Software

Netclues is proud to announce DotBooker, a powerful new reservations system specially built for the Caribbean fitness and gym industry that gives your business and staff no-hassle control of membership management, bookings, payments, scheduling and more.

What is DotBooker?

DotBooker is the industry-leading wellness software in the Caribbean. It makes tasks such as creating and editing classes and events simple and quick, saving you time and money. It is intuitive and simple-to-use fitness and gym management software that allows you to digitally manage your guests and clients, boosting the efficiency of your business, accept payments online, generate reports, manage your website and save money.

What Does DotBooker Do?

Manual membership systems are a thing of the past. DotBooker provides efficiency and speed with its inbuilt virtual membership system. It optimizes your front desk operations with an intuitive, easy-to-use reservations system that gives your members and guests the welcome they deserve. It is also very powerful staff management, business management and reporting software which helps in managing your customers, business and staff.

DotBooker comes loaded with features, including:

  • Complete Control: Control and manage data, bookings, reporting, inventory, point of sale, inventory and visitor information as well as reinforce your brand with customized background images, logos and more.
  • Security: DotBooker is a hosted solution committed to security and privacy. Your administrator has complete control over account suspension and termination as well as the level of access and permissions for every employee in the system.
  • Automation: Let DotBooker help you complete your tasks quicker - from sending reminders to confirmation or cancellations etc, our automation does it all.
  • Staff & Company Management: Manage your staff and your company with DotBooker. Everything from staff work permit applications, renewals, health and pension details, etc, can be managed via the system. Manage localized company reports, including employee reports, company pension reports, trade and business license reports etc.
  • Manage & Track: Configure and run reports, manage your inventory, update pertinent details of visitors and employees and do more, seamlessly, in just a few clicks.
  • Dashboard Reporting: View and conduct the analysis of visitor data, quickly and easily. Daily visits are shown in an optimized way, highlighting the details of each visit.
  • Advanced Reporting: Report and analyze your business and visitor data efficiently, help make comparisons and build more targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Quick Payment: Accept advance payment, recurring membership payment or accept online payment while easily maintaining the record, all in one place, without any hassle.
  • Point of Sale: A detailed retail point-of-sale system to sell products, track sales, accept payments, and more.
  • Mobile Application: You and your customers will soon be able to access DotBooker directly using a smartphone, making bookings, purchase packages, and more.
  • Custom Payment Gateway: With DotBooker you can get paid online, no matter which bank you are dealing with or which part of the world you are in. Dotbooker provides the ability to create a custom payment gateway and integrate it with you bank.

How is DotBooker Tailor-Made for Caribbean-based Fitness Businesses?

DotBooker was developed exclusively with Caribbean businesses in mind. Other automated gym membership software can do a grand job, but DotBooker goes a lot further in how it supports businesses operating in local Caribbean markets with their specific government reporting requirements. Since NetClues launched DotBooker, a number of local fitness companies have joined, the response has been amazing and our customers love the product.

The biggest advantage that Dotbooker has over rival software is the ability to add in a custom payment gateway. DotBooker’s advantage gives you:

Localized System: DotBooker’s system is customized for every client depending on where they operate in the Caribbean. The system is designed to meet the reporting requirements of local labour and business laws while improving your business performance.

Localized Reporting: Important data covering employee work permits, business and pension reports, etc, can now be compiled, organized, stored, retrieved and submitted in the correct way and in a secure and timely manner using DotBooker gym software.

Integrated Payments: The DotBooker application is integrated with several custom payment gateways. This makes accepting payment online securely and allows you to easily manage all your data through one single point.

What are Other DotBooker Benefits?

DotBooker requires minimal training and is the visitor management solution you need to take efficient and professional guest and client management to another level. It allows you to leave a positive impression on visitors by seamlessly managing their appointments, payments and personal details easily and without fuss.

DotBooker is also:

  • User-Friendly: This all-embracing, interactive system requires no special training to operate it. It is easy-to-use and extremely responsive.
  • All-Inclusive: From point-of-sale system to role-based system, this digital application manages and supports everything that is essential for your business.

Contact Netclues today to book a demonstration and find out how DotBooker can help you take your fitness or gym business to the next level.

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