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12 January 2019

Need Creative Marketing Ideas For The Cayman Islands Healthcare Industry? Let Us Help!

Marketing is an essential element for any business to succeed. Regardless of the industry, your company operates in; you will still need smart marketing tactics and 'good' online advertising to penetrate the target market. Healthcare service providers often think that they don’t need to devise healthcare marketing strategies as their product has more to do with the quality of services provided.

It is not really the case as your target audience should first know about your services and be persuaded to avail them at least for the first time. In today’s world, social media marketing plays a significant role in making a known presence among potential consumers. Among many, these are a few innovative healthcare marketing ideas to help you in the pursuit of a broader consumer base.

Need Creative Marketing Ideas For The Cayman Islands Healthcare Industry? Let Us Help!
Result Oriented Marketing Strategies For Your Healthcare Facility

How to market healthcare services?

Let’s answer this question with simple solutions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

It is a tried and tested content marketing approach to up your marketing game. Healthcare practitioners may create content that features the highest searched words by people seeking medical help online. For example, use words that represent the services you provide and people looking for these services will gain easy access to your website when they search for it online. Search engine marketing is among the useful marketing strategies for small medical practitioners – helpful and budget-friendly.

Online Ads:

When prospective customers are looking for a product, they are most likely to search on the web. With Google Ads, whenever a customer enters a keyword used in your ad or representing your product or service, your business's suggestion will begin to show in their search results. Many people have a habit of Goggling their medical symptoms, so this is where these Google ads will come into play. Whereas, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn where almost everyone is present, display your ads to the relevant audience and provide you with extensive marketing.

Create a website:

You may operate your clinic only in one area of the city, but your customers don't need to be just from that area. How will you make yourself visible? How will people know where you operate, the services you offer or the way to get in touch with you? It can be done through a website! Your website will focus on your product in its entirety and reach everyone who cannot be reached through word of mouth adverts or are geographically distant.

Social Media Presence:

Mark your social media presence by setting up a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter account. Post regularly on these accounts in a specific hour when the traffic of the relevant audience is the highest. Have attractive, informative and persuasive social media posts that encourage "call to action"! You can also feature useful and informative blogs, videos and articles to improve viewers’ credibility.

Create an online shop:

For any medicinal practitioner, it may sound challenging to set up an e-store. The principal question will be about the product that should be sold. This tactic only needs careful planning – you can design a portal for online consultancy services, pharmacy, and appointment scheduling services. All these will help you market your medical services and penetrate untapped markets.

Finding all this work hectic and time-consuming to do on your own? Don't worry, Netclues can help you in consolidating your social media presence and equipping you on the marketing end. From social media posts to the creation of an e-store, we can do it all, efficiently and effectively!

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Written by Jay Mehta

Jay Mehta is the Internet Marketing & Sales Executive at Netclues for over a decade. Jay has been a marketer, content writer, blogger, advertiser, project manager and a knowledge base for several business in the Cayman Islands and he has had many publications in the industry.

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