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16 April 2014

Netclues - Another Example Of Superb Management And Business Understanding

Netclues - Another Example Of Superb Management And Business Understanding
Netclues - Another Example Of Superb Management And Business Understanding

Hit hard by recession, many companies had suffered a potent setback in their profitability and client retention. But there were some that thrived well even during those days of hardship. Netclues is one amongst them. The company was set up during the time, the 2010 recession had just started showing signs of emergence. Mr. Kartik Mehta gives an inspirational account of how the company sustained the harsh lashes of recession and yet survived the tremendous blows.

The first thing that made this organization stand apart, was the fact that when all companies had started cutting down on marketing costs, Netclues leveraged the situation. When clutter for online advertising was typically low, Netclues chose to market itself openheartedly. Of course cost-effective ways of marketing are available, and that is through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization. Netclues recommended that its clients too, turn towards internet marketing and branding for maintaining their brand presence. Cost effective as this technique is, it makes brand prominence stronger and widespread.

Another thing that placed Netclues at he position it is at today, is its superb capability to customize and its unmatched customer support. Netclues has its operations offshored. Hence, it sees vast cost curtailing, without compromising on the quality level of products and services. The team at Netclues is excellent and they maintain a 24X7 customer service and support agenda. One thing to be remembered is that, recession or no recession, every client would look for quality products and services. Netclues has it and hence, the organization has thrived through the toughest times.

Mr. Mehta is of the opinion that most businesses are not aware of what they actually require. It depends on the service provider to gauge that and offer tailored services accordingly. When clients find out that the end result is exactly what they were looking for, they tend to come back to your company. Kartik Mehta can't eulogize enough about how the team involved itself in understanding the clients' business so that an appropriate solution could be carved out. Online marketing is often a game of keeping a track. Netclues constantly maintains a track on the profitability of the different online marketing tactics that are being used so that a real life evaluation of the business profitability is constantly invigilated.

With such stringent and dedicated attention to customer needs and wants, recession is definite to pass by like a whisk of air!

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At Netclues we intent on being a company that the entire community is proud of. We invest greatly in people & technology. We have some extremely talented people who work with us to give our clients exceptional products & service. We never satisfy with “good enough” we always aim for perfection & excellence. We work extremely hard and now and again get recognized for it as well.

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Netclues is a team of web development experts, who came together years ago with a vision to offer enterprise and organization level solutions to clients. Equipped with the best people, first hand experience and the best technological backbone of the industry, we bring businesses face-to-face with profitability and an intensive brand awareness. One thing about us, which we feel elation in elaborating, is our capacity to customize

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