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28 February 2022

Netclues becomes a Google Adwords Certified Partner Yet Again.

Google Adwords Certified Partner

We are overwhelmed with our New Status!

It is a moment of joy for us because Netclues has been conferred upon as the Google Certified Adwords Partner yet again.

We have toiled hard to clear all the obstacles and match Google’s rigorous criteria to earn Google Adwords Partner Badge. We believe that our dedication, hard work, and commitment have finally carried our performance beyond 80.00%. This certificate will motivate us to provide our clients with the best Google Ads solutions.

During 2021-2022, Google evaluated our Performance, Spent, and Certification. Our newly earned status will open up the opportunities to work on Google’s innovative products, design solutions for experimental projects, and earn early access to new resources and platforms.

Netclues has reached this level of proficiency by demonstrating exceptional levels of knowledge and extensive understanding of Google Ads products.

Feeling Inspired?

Let’s gear up for a brief understanding of the Google Adwords Partnership program, methods to achieve it, and understanding it from the customer’s perspective.

What is the Google Adwords Partner program?

Google offers great programs to its partners for enhancing their knowledge and skillsets. Google Adword Partner program trains the seeker to specialize in one or more Google Advertising products. Areas such as Search Advertising, Video Advertising, Display Advertising, App Campaign Creation with Optimization, and Shopping Advertising make up the modules for this program. Marketers must demonstrate their expertise in one or more of these areas. Aspiring Companies from the advertising and digital marketing industries should align with this program to offer substantially superior services to their clients.

How Do You Get It?

The road to becoming a Google Partner is a tough nut to crack. As a Google partner, you must encourage your marketing staff to undergo several Google prescribed courses and pass the tests.

Moreover, your firm must also prove its capability in meeting the stringent requirements laid down by Google for the companies.

You as a partner must ensure that your Google certifications comprising assessments taken and tests passed on multiple Google products remain current. These are required to claim your proficiencies.

Many Digital Marketing firms and Ad Agencies dream of earning the Google Partnership badge, but it takes dedication to win over the hurdles before becoming a celebrated Google Partner.

What does it mean to you as a customer?

When a partner carries a Google Partner Badge on his products, services, or website, it implies that Google has certified his company for one or more products or services.

You as a customer might not be so familiar with the nitty-gritty of devising PPC - Adwords campaigns and running them. But you will know for sure that the Google Badge attributes to the partner’s expertise at managing your Ad campaigns successfully.

A Google Partner Certificate builds trust and establishes the partner’s credibility in his niche market. Backed by Google’s support, a partner can demonstrate his core competency with confidence.

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Why should you choose a Google Partner to run your PPC campaign?

This is a million-dollar question for anyone seeking to signup a certified Google partner for their PPC campaigns. Let’s check out a few reasons.

1. Partners are Experts in Google Products.

These are no normal marketers; they are the ones trained by Google on Google products. They adhere to and follow strict guidelines by Google to deliver proven results.

2. Partners Stay up to date on the latest Adwords/PPC developments.

With the ongoing training and webinars, Google ensures that its partners are always current with the latest technology and digital marketing skills. With Google, there is no room for negligence or lack of skills.

3. Partners use the same proven strategies in their campaigns before offering them to their clients.

Google insists on implementing the same techniques on home campaigns before deploying them on clients’ projects. The partners know the minutest of details and their possible outcomes because “Every Dollar Counts.” This policy by Google guarantees peace of mind to the clients as their Ad campaigns are in safe hands.

4. Partners work directly with Google.

A normal user does not have access to Google’s direct support. On the other hand, partners have direct access to Google’s product expertise and dedicated support, making them more efficient and confident to offer the precise solution in the shortest possible span.

5. Partners have access to beta versions.

As a Google Partner, the company gets an opportunity to test the earlier releases and the beta versions of products before they hit the market as a stable version. A normal user ideally uses the product when it is complete and almost free of bugs. Hence, he is unaware of the product’s journey and challenges faced from inception to completion. In contrast, the partners have been a part of this journey, making them eligible to manage the product with utmost efficiency and accountability.

Make Netclues Your Preferred Google Adword Partner - Today.

We have attempted to address various aspects of the Google Adwords Partner program in this blog. Google Adwords is the best method to let your product or service reach its target audience and earn you substantial revenue.

If you are running an existing Ad Campaign in the Cayman Islands OR wish to initiate a new one, we are just a call (+1 (345)-525-9999) away. Sign Netclues as your Google Adwords partner today and see your Ads campaigns flourish.

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