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10 July 2010

Netclues - The Disaster Relief Personnel For Your Website

Netclues - The Disaster Relief Personnel For Your Website
Netclues - The Disaster Relief Personnel For Your Website

Back-up systems are important when it comes to data and systems. Especially when we are talking about the Islands. Hurricanes are a common occurrence and hurricane Ivan has been a particular preacher in this context. In face of natural disasters like this and others like fire and earthquakes, systems invariably suffer, data gets lost and servers stay down for long hours.

As such, keeping in touch with customers, both present and prospective gets difficult for businesses. That is particularly important! During disasters, customers need to know that your company is facing problems and will come back to track in sometime. They need to be kept updated with what all is going on inside the organization. But when everything is disabled because of a disaster, that becomes a problem.

Mr. Kartik Mehta, head of web development at Netclues has something important to say about this. He says, back up systems are primary, when it comes to website construction. More dominantly, servers! Many business owners prefer to possess a server right on the island, keeping security purposes in mind. It is always better to have a back-up server located overseas for emergency situations. Even when local servers go blinking during a disaster, the overseas server can get live and working. As such, communication gaps between the business and its customers are almost eradicated. Netclues always recommends taking resort to a back up server.

An equally good thing to do is to take help of mobiles. Mobile sites are not as tragically affected by natural disasters as are landline connections. Netclues creates a number of applications for websites to enable clients stay in potent contact with customers. Email campaigns can also act as a great way to stay in contact with clients and customers. Twitter and other social networking sites are also helpful in such cases. Mr. Mehta states how competent is the new Content Management System that the company has carved out. When you make any change in the back end, it would get live at the front end automatically, and with the click of a button, you could share your message with your customers to social networking sites. It is a great feature and is expected to help business to a large extent. No matter, which way is taken up, to maintain a back-up of data the support team at Netclues would be ready 24X7.

Mr. Mehta fluently explained how Netclues helps its clients get familiar with the potent problems of disaster, like the hurricane Ivan and take back-up steps accordingly. Since the technical team at Netclues always stays prepared and alert to any crisis, clients can rest assured that their technical things will be properly taken care of, and so will be their data back up. With such dedicated care for clients and their requirement, Netclues is definitely providing value!

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