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24 October 2017

PPC Advertising - The Most Important Tool For Small Businesses

In the era, where digitization and online shopping are the buzzwords, every businessman keeps an eagle eye on the trends and patterns, in order to devise a plan that ensures his business doesn’t go unnoticed amidst the chaotic competition. Although, there are many tools to market your business, why is it that amongst all, Pay per click (PPC) takes the cake?

PPC is a part of search engine marketing in which you, being the advertiser, pay only for the times your ad is clicked as the name suggests. Coming back to its importance, to begin with, Google Economic Impact reports that Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords, which is an incredible figure for a company recently established. Also, it fetches you an instant result and profit, well only if the campaign management and execution is efficient, which is a prerequisite for every marketing tool you use. Below are some of the other reasons, that have popularised the use of PPC.

PPC Advertising - The Most Important Tool for Small Businesses
PPC Advertising - The Most Important Tool For Small Businesses

1. Low on budget? Not a problem!

The cardinal deterrent for the small companies is the budget constraint. With PPC advertising, you will never fall short on budget for marketing. Unlike other conventional marketing techniques where the budget is stiff, pay per click program can be tailored according to your budget. You set the budget and the campaign is initiated accordingly.

The best part is you pay only for the clicks you get rather than paying for the whole package, which is what usually happens if you go for traditional marketing tactics. You can even narrow down your target audience using PPC. For instance, if you are aiming women for your product, you can set that filter and it will appear only in the relevant search results. And this is the biggest advantage of using PPC. The budget doesn’t spiral out of control, over and above also gives you efficient results, as according to a survey PPC visitors convert 50% more than the organic search visitors.

2. Fastest mode to get targeted leads

If Content is King, then Conversion is Queen. Hence, unlike before, getting traffic is no more the cynosure. Rather, it is attracting the targeted traffic which will possibly convert, that everyone focuses on. And to achieve this objective, the Pay per click services prove to be most loyal.

With Google Adwords and Bing Ads, you can choose the host of keywords and get your ad posted on top of the search results. If you are planning to initiate a campaign in a very short duration, PPC makes a perfect choice as it doesn’t demand laborious pre-planning. You can launch it on the spot. And this is why PPC succeeds in creating an instant result.

For a nascent company, paid search marketing is the best way to create brand awareness and generate traffic, initially. Apart from that, with PPC on work, you get the required time to construct an excellent SEO strategy, to avail the benefits of organic ranking, without sacrificing on profit generation.

3. Measure your results

Can’t make out if the marketing campaigns you run are efficient enough or are you finding it difficult to measure the results? Compared to any advertising campaign, PPC is the most efficient one in providing you with the wealth of intricate information about everything important, quickly. Like, people interested in your products, what they are interested in, you can even figure out the geographic location of your target audience, where you are getting maximum conversions and so on. Add to it, you can easily access the facts and figures like return on investment, click through rates, etc. It enables you to measure and compare the results on your own without hiring the professional help.

4. Enables you to enact advanced marketing techniques

Instead of devoting all your time solely to one technique, PPC facilitates you to implement other advanced marketing techniques as well. For instance, it helps you in retargeting. Retargeting is a technique of creating a campaign that targets all the patrons who have visited your website but did not convert. You can fetch their details by allowing Google Adwords, Facebook or even Twitter to save the cookies.

Among other reasons, this is also an important reason that boosts the use of PPC for small businesses. 72% of Adwords marketers plan to increase their PPC budgets. This indicates how PPC has positively influenced the businesses of those using it.

5. PPC complements SEO

PPC and SEO are often seen as rivals, but the fact is quite the contrary. According to a Google Research, 89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused. Hence, PPC highly compliments SEO. By using both the marketing strategies simultaneously, you can cover all the possible areas through which you reach the targeted leads. As some audience prefer using organic results, whereas others are directed by paid results. Hence, you can dramatically improve the ranking of your website by using both.

The efforts you put in to find the valuable and popular keywords for CPC advertising can be used in SEO strategies as well. This helps you in reaching the right audience organically as well. Because using right keywords has its own benefit in SEO. Also, if the SEO strategy somehow doesn’t show the result, then PPC will always act as your saviour.

Hence, it doesn’t matter if the company is recently established or an old set up, PPC always proves to be a powerful weapon when you want to build your customer portfolio or expand your market. PPC has emerged out as the most important and extremely unavoidable marketing tool for small businesses, especially where the budget is a major constraint. Although, if you manage to get into the top 3 paid advertising spots, the result would be terrific.

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