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21 December 2020

5 Tips to Increase Facebook Ad Conversion for your Business

5 Tips to Increase Facebook Ad Conversion for your Business

If you wish to market your brand in 2020 successfully, it becomes crucial to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network - Facebook, especially when the dominance of Facebook marketing is at its peak.

According to the report issued by Hootsuite, the potential reach of Facebook ads is 1.9 million. This means that one ad campaign has the efficacy to get you in front of your market’s large segment.

The question is - How to create a winning campaign, especially when the organic reach continues to decline for many business pages?

Pro Tips to Boost your Facebook Ad Conversion Profits

Facebook has several micro-targeting features that allow you to narrow your reach to people looking for products or services similar to yours.

But that is not it!

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Here are five tips to increase your Facebook ad conversion.

#1 Target Relevant Audience

Start-ups and even the tech giants make this common mistake of trying to reach a broader audience through their ads at once. Well, this notion is not entirely wrong, but it's also not the most sought-out catch.

Targeting a broader audience at once without a plan can bring down your Facebook ads’ apparent success.

Create more personalized content for different customer segments. For instance, if you are promoting sports shoes, your target audience could be clustered into the following separate groups - everyday wearers, fitness enthusiasts, and the fashionistas.

The tonality and design of your ad will change accordingly to suit each segment. This helps you to increase engagement.

Ways to derive conversions;


  • the tone and way of communication your target audience prefer
  • which platforms they are likely to use
  • their likes and dislikes
  • what kind of content appeals to them

Leverage Facebook’s Audience Insights feature for a better understanding of specific audiences before risking your budget in targeting them.

Moreover, you can focus on audiences who already like your page.

Moreover, you can focus on audiences who already like your page.

#2 Don’t just generate an ad campaign, Grow it!

Most people believe that successful campaigns can only be developed once creators don’t get brilliant ideas every time. But this notion is not entirely true.

You need to find the right information about the audience, research the market, and learn how competitors are marketing their products.

Take the example of a building. To construct a reliable building structure, the professionals need a solid foundation, and for that, they put blocks one by one in a definite shape.

The same thing applies to Facebook marketing for business. You must collect and put together essential information or key points that add meaning to your campaign. These key points are the foundation of your ad.

How to find them? Through testing and optimization.

There are two ways of optimizing the data;

  • Quit doing things that don’t work
  • Do more of what works

There is no formula of which ad can attract conversions and which cannot. So you need to create ads and test them.

Tips to Grow your Ad Campaign

A: Decide the Elements of Your Ad

Writing an ad is not a complicated procedure, but you need to categorize every element to simplify it. Split your ads into different categories. This will help you to focus on every aspect.

Design of the Ad Scope of Target Additional Factors
Text Gender Product Page/landing Page
Headline Country Ad Placement
Image Age Goal
Call to Action Interests Ad Type
Additional Factor Relationship Status
Custom Audiences
Buying Preferences

B: Approaches for Ad Placement

You can place ads anywhere on Facebook, such as newsfeed, in-stream videos, instant articles, Messenger, or Audience network. You need to select the place where you want it to be seen.

In case your ad shows a performance decline in any of these placements, Facebook will adjust your budget where your ads are more visible, and conversions are possible.

For example: If in-stream video ads are not performing well, Facebook will suggest displaying them on messenger.

Many advertisers tend to neglect ad placement, which is one of the essential factors for Facebook campaigns. You can understand this concept more clearly with the help of this image.

Approaches for Ad Placement

#3 Prioritize your Landing Page

Facebook ads for business can be expensive if you are not converting them consistently. Whether your audience wants people to attend a webinar, download a free copy, or buy a software tool, they will first check out your landing page.

Thus, a great Facebook landing page helps increase engagement and conversion rates.

You have a few seconds to offer value-added information to the audience with the help of a well-constructed and appropriate landing page.

How can you create a powerful Landing Page for your Facebook Ad?

By following the below steps, you can make your Facebook ads landing page more compelling.

A: Define your Goal

When deciding the copy of your landing page, it becomes difficult to choose between the long and the short version of the copy. But this becomes simpler when the goal of your Facebook ad campaign is clear.

Typically, if you want to get your visitor’s email address, you could go with a short copy. But when you aim to bond with the audience or sell a product or service, your ad copy would be longer with convincing details.

Moreover, the copy needs to be relevant and interesting so people would spend time reading it.

The time they spend on the page is a metric to determine the ad’s long-term result. So, when your visitors leave the web page too early or without completing the mapped buyer journey, it is regarded as your bounce rate.

Reasons for bounce rate:

  • The quality of the content is low. There’s nothing to hold people.
  • Your audience is too different to connect with your brand
  • Visitors are only there for a specific purpose, and after accomplishing it, they leave

B: Upgrade your Visuals

Visual elements on the landing page do great wonders as the human brain can process an image more efficiently. Moreover, the relevant visuals make it easy for people to scan and consume information. It also results in lower bounce rates.

Don’t burden or rely on your copy alone; instead, complement it with great visuals. They lend your content a higher chance of making a connection with the prospects.

C: Avoid Distractions

Too many elements on your landing page can distract your users and confuse them about what to do next. This could result in the user either leaving mid-way or circling the website without taking the intended action. Thus, intervening with your planned buyer journey.

Avoiding distractions doesn’t mean you cannot add the required elements like product information, call to action button, and discount offers.

The only aim is to avoid adding multiple navigation links or small icons that would drive people away from the page.

Lastly, make sure that your ad’s landing page is responsive as users will arrive at your page either through a desktop or mobile device.

#4 Use Unique and Attractive Images

When you are creating a Facebook ad, you must give equal importance to the image and text. A picture can help you to stand out in the crowd and connect better with potential buyers.

To make your Facebook ad campaign successful, it becomes imperative that all the elements fall in place.

Here are a few tips to consider for your Facebook ad campaign.

1. Insert Text on Ad Creatively

Facebook’s advertising has a 20% text rule. If you’re planning for a news feed sponsored story or promoting your brand, you would need to follow this rule.

Based on the text added in the image, Facebook gives you ratings from low, medium to high. Additionally, Facebook prefers those ads which contain little or no text.

Facebook recommends 500 characters and an image of 400x400px for News Feed ads. You can get Facebook’s text overlay tool here:

This tool enables you to upload any photo where you can highlight the boxes that contain text, and Facebook will notify the percentage of the text allowed in the image. This is one of the simplest ways to design an image that meets the guidelines.

2. Avoid Selecting any Random Stock Images

There is no harm in using stock images in your Facebook ads. But if you are using it, ensure it is highly relevant to your message and has high-grade quality.

If you have adequate time and skills, you can click your images as Facebook offers you select images from the library. Additionally, ensure that you are using the image with bright colors and your logo is easily recognizable.

3. Consistency is the Key

The image used in the ad must be consistent across all platforms. This helps in brand recognition and makes your company stand out in the crowd of posts.

#5 Advance Your Budget Strategy

You must set up a bid strategy and budget right from the start to avoid under or overspending for optimum results.

Facebook makes budgeting easy for users with the CPM feature. It assists you in spending the budget prudently. If you are unaware of how much an ad costs or how to allocate the budget, it would be wise to rely on the automatic bidding option.

How to Market Your Facebook Ad?

Marketing your brand does not always need deep pockets. There are many ways you can market on Facebook, such as paid ads, organic content, or through a Facebook ad agency.

On top of that, you can expertly market your brand by creating a sales funnel that boosts your marketing tactics. The sales funnel is a sales model used to derive the prospective buyer’s journey to reach the way of purchase.

The main advantage of the Facebook Sales funnel is that it makes the buyer familiar with your brand before pitching them a service or the product. This approach not only educates the users but also creates demand overtime.

To help you better understand this model, here is what it looks like:

How to Market Your Facebook Ad

Now, let us see some of the steps to create a sales funnel on Facebook;

  • Spread awareness about your brand by using referral contests, organic posting, and value-added content. It is significant and the primary step to attracting the audience.
  • Once the users are known to your brand, you can then take the second step, the consideration stage.
  • Highlight the essential points or create a channel of engagement. For instance, you can build a connection with the target audience by answering their comments.
  • Once you know you have huge followers on your Facebook page, you can then retarget your ads and carry out promotions.

Final Words

Building a Facebook ad campaign is about understanding the platform and optimizing the features at your disposal. Once you determine who you can target and how much budget you can spend, you can create your ad.

No one succeeds in the very first attempt. Keep testing and continuously optimize your ads until you find out what’s working and what’s not.

Launching a Facebook advertising campaign and monitoring it is demanding. If you are swamped with work or in a dilemma, Netclues can be your digital marketing partner and help you get the most out of your ad.

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