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21 March 2017

Top Website Design Trends In 2017

Top Website Design Trends in 2017
Top Website Design Trends In 2017

As we look forward to the seventeenth year of the twenty-first century, the question on every web designer’s mind is - what are the latest trends and how will they impact the world wide web? From functionality changes, colour and typography variations to using the latest User Interfaces(UIs), 2017 will be the year to explore new ideas and visual concepts.

Some of these have already started to pop up!

In the paragraphs that follow, we run down what we believe will be the most important trends to monitor and implement over the next 12 months.

Mobile First Approach & Responsive Design

The mobile first approach is not new. Since the past five years, mobile devices are on a tremendous upswing. Growing number of companies are deciding to deliver their content effectively on the small screen. It is anticipated that many more sites would be coming onto the mobile screen.

Rich, bold & large graphics with additional typography

It is predicted there will be a shift away from neutral colours like whites, greys & black to bolder and brighter colours. Some are already doing it and are leading the pack, using bold colours mixed with professional photos to create in-your-face designs. For typography the mantra will be the 4Bs, i.e., Big, Bold, Bright & Beautiful.

Vivid layers of background colour and designs

Staggered, stacked layers of colour adding depth and texture will be preferred rather than a simple site layout. Contrasting colours with different typefaces will be preferred. Use of vector images with a slight contemporary and aesthetic touch will complement the website theme.

Javascript collaboration along with UIs and UXs

User Interfaces and User Experience plays an important role while we are designing a website. The drop-down list, run-time content loading and many more features would play an important role in website designing in 2017.

High-quality authentic photography with effective illustrations

Illustrations are a very versatile medium for creating visuals which are friendly and interactive. One just needs to tailor the illustrations to the tone of the brand. With a unique style of illustration established, brands will be able to roll out their identity by using large header images, custom iconography and beautifully animated visuals.

Animations are the emperors of the website design

Animation is a new world of jugglery altogether. They work well to draw a user’s attention. Graphics Interface Formats (GIFs) will enable a greater product experience, explaining the workflow of any service or simply act as a guide for users. The days of showing static wireframes and mockups to customers is over.

Immersive storytelling with quality content

With bolder graphics and rich typography, you can win the hearts of any audience. But just this won’t help in converting leads into customers for your website. For lead generation and better conversion into clients, it would be necessary to provide relevant and quality content to the end-users along with brighter and vivid colours.

Instinctive forms with natural language interfaces

Forms are used everywhere from registration, bookings, check out, customer feedback, subscriptions, and in many more parallels. They are an integral part of any website that aims to interact with visitors and should be given special attention in the design phase. Clumsy forms that ruin the entire user experience would be a strict no-no and hence better design of the forms in a trendy yet user friendly way would become essential.

Innovative Scrolling with pictures & videos

They are subtle yet powerful ways to interact with a website. They are generally found in hovers, click animations, scrolling effects, etc. While we’ve always had these types of design elements, designers will be spending more time on making them more informative with better refinement and better features.

Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interfaces will be a huge shift, helping big brands express different sides of their brand and personality and making them more humane and approachable.

In conclusion, 2017 is expected to see some great website designs from innovative scrolling to animations and louder and bolder graphics to greater typography.

It’s going to be incredibly exciting year for the web design industry, which will continue on the path of personalization, customization, and unique user experiences therefore making the web design and development world ever more instinctive and in real time.

Meeting user expectations and delivering tailored experiences will be of paramount importance in 2017. Let’s make it happen! Time to be creative.

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