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01 June 2022

How to set up an online business in the Cayman Islands?

How to set up an online business in the Cayman Islands

Entrepreneurship has been on the rise for the past couple of decades. Market scenarios, sales strategies, and methodologies to acquire and retain customers for your niche products have changed; so has entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs these days do not need to have large premises to house their startups. Go Online and demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills virtually from anywhere with just a laptop and an internet connection.

But this is not simple as it sounds.

If you plan to start an online business in the Cayman Islands, it’s time you research properly before embarking on your journey. Not to forget that there are many benefits of doing business in this beautiful British overseas territory, but the most important concern is identifying the springboard that would propel your business into action. No business owner wants to go wrong and waste his valuable time, effort, and resources.

This blog post will touch base with various significant aspects of “How to set up an online business in the Cayman Islands.”

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in the Cayman Islands?

The key requirement for being an entrepreneur is to strive for self-sufficiency. Wearing an entrepreneur's cap is much more than just owning a business. The best breed of entrepreneurs in the Cayman Islands generate income from various sources while reducing their risks to a great extent.

Entrepreneurs in the Cayman Islands are not only limited to companies or organizations but also people who work from their homes or small offices.

With the government’s liberal policy, many entrepreneurs are growing each year. The Cayman Islands has become the most sought-after tax haven to start a lucrative business. The island has government-sponsored agencies that assist you with the documentation and the basic procedures you must adopt to start your online business.

You can learn about various government-aided grants and promotional schemes that help you set up your business and take care of your recurring expenses during your initial years of business.

Online Business - An introduction

Entrepreneurs in Cayman have this awesome opportunity to take their business online, which helps them showcase their products to a global audience.

There is a gradual but steady shift from the traditional business format to its online version. With technological advancement, today’s population access and buys products through the internet. Buyers comfortably shop their products online rather than commuting to a local store.

Business ideas that incorporate e-commerce platforms and online marketing techniques are becoming increasingly popular as more and more consumers prefer the convenience of shopping online.

The time saved in commuting plays a substantial role in attracting buyers to online business portals. Online businesses display their product catalogs where customers can easily browse and make their purchases.

The online business format offers a great deal of start-up flexibility for entrepreneurs. Business owners can avoid investing in expensive equipment like a storefront, display counter, or refrigerator with a front display or hiring many employees as is practiced in a physical retail store.

While appreciating the online format, it becomes mandatory for businesses to have a well-crafted website that becomes their digital identity. For smaller businesses, a one-page website might work well, but with time having a decent e-commerce website with integrated payment gateways cannot be overlooked.

If you presently do not wish to invest in a website, you can always use templates to create your business presence on ecommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce to sell your products. You can link your product pages to your social handles. Promoting your business through social media will help you build your brand and fetch you more customers.

You are at liberty to display all your promotional deals, discounts, product descriptions, and festive offers right in one place. Your customers can easily search for products of their choice, add them to the cart, and move on to checkout. They can make payments using credit cards, debit cards, and wallets. Integrating a secured payment gateway into your website or ecommerce platforms helps build customers’ trust in your brand.

You must identify and associate with a few delivery partners who would deliver your products to your customers. You might go for international delivery partners for global customers.

Why set up your business in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman government passed the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2019. This bill tightened the business regulatory framework in the Cayman Islands, making it more secure, organized, and disciplined. In July 2019, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) declared that the tax regime in Cayman is not harmful to any country around the globe.

Cayman has to its benefit a well-developed Common Law System that finds its base in English Law. This disclosure by OECD has inspired several world-class companies to incorporate their businesses in the Cayman Islands. Since then, Cayman has seen a major increase in the economic and commercial domains.

The Cayman Islands has an offshore jurisdiction with a low-tax regime. The government grants residency to foreigners who invest in the country. There are many benefits of establishing your business in the Cayman Islands.

If the company is not local, it can still establish its presence in the Cayman Islands by registering as an International Business Company (IBC), a government-recognized corporate entity.

IBC carries a tax status of its own.

As an IBC, you may adhere to a simplified form of reporting standards, with no minimum capital requirements or annual fees. IBCs have other ways to establish their business in the Cayman Islands. You can opt for constitutions like a Sole Trader, Partnership, Company, and Limited Liability Company.

While talking about business regulations, Cayman assures a liberalized approach toward trade and commerce. The Cayman Islands has no personal income tax, but it does have a (progressive) Corporation Tax. Corporation Tax rates range from 30% to 35%.

What is T&B? How do you acquire it?

“T&B stands for Trade and Business License.”

Entrepreneurs need to apply for a Trade and Business (T&B) License with the Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) to operate their business in the Cayman Islands.

How can you apply for your T&B License?

DCI grants (and renews) the T&B license for 2 business constitutions:

  • Sole Trader (Caymanian Only)
  • Registered Company

Applicants can use this link to send their online applications to DCI.

Let us overview the requirements to be completed while applying for a fresh T&B license.

1. Sole Trader: Requirements for a new T&B license.

  • Duly filled online application form
  • A non-refundable filing fee of CI$75.00
  • Licence fee based on the Schedule of Fees
  • Proof of Caymanian citizenship or status
  • Copy of the lease agreement or letter of intent if the business location is commercial premises.
  • Police Clearance Certificates may be required in certain cases.

2. Registered Company: Requirements for a new T&B license.

  • Duly filled online application form
  • A non-refundable filing fee of CI$75.00
  • Licence fee based on the Schedule of Fees
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Register of Directors, Officers, and Members
  • Copy of Current Year Stamped Annual Returns if Company is more than one-year registered
  • Copy of the lease agreement or letter of intent if the business location is commercial premises.

You may refer to this link for the complete details about the requirements for Due Diligence and renewal of your T&B licenses.

You can additionally refer to this link to overview the T&B Licensing policies, exemptions, compliances, fees, acts, schedules, and amendments.

DCI has a dedicated section named “How Do I?” that briefs about many other licenses; go ahead and check them out.

Once you have a T&B license, what's next?

Congratulations, your T&B License has arrived.

Before starting with your (dream) business, here are the 9 important things you must remember to do when setting up an online business in the Cayman Islands.

Do your groundwork well - Build your foundation for a successful business.

Here are the 9 important things you must remember

  • Name your business - Workout an industry-specific name. Keeping it simple and trendy works best.
  • Create your business plan , and list your goals.
  • Write down your Mission and Vision statements - BOLD and CLEAR.
  • Location: Decide upon a place to start your business.
    Rented or Owned - both work well.
  • Does your place of business have proper ventilation, electricity, water, parking space, and other amenities? Is your store visible? Place signage to direct more footfalls to your shop. Will you need a godown or a warehouse in the future to stock your products?
  • Bank Account: Produce necessary documents and open a current account (or a Cash-Credit account) with your preferred bank. Try to find a bank in the proximity of your business place. It will save time and money.

    Being a Tax Paradise, Cayman doesn’t issue a TIN (Tax Identification Number). But few business categories stand eligible to receive a Corporate Registration Number. Check for yourself.
  • Vendors: Survey the island and identify your vendors. Contact and visit them personally, and collect their product catalog and the retailer/dealer price list. You might have to sign an agreement with a few vendors to get special pricing for bulk purchases.

    Put your negotiation skills to work.
  • Competitors: Be cautious, don’t reveal your identity.
    Gather information about your competitors, their products, and the quality they offer. Identify the kind of service, warranty, and support they promise to their customers. Know who their target audience is. Also, check out the Billing and Accounting Software they use. Browse through their websites, product details, and prices.

    Do they have a refund or a return policy in place? You might need to offer a refund if the customer doesn’t like your product. Be specific with your product category, description, dimensions, and color variants. Take all these into consideration while creating your product return policies. Ensure the product is well packed to avoid any damage during transportation.
  • Consultants: Signup with a prominent Legal or Business Consultant. Having him by your side will boost your morale. You must also signup with an accountant, preferably a CA or CPA, to manage your financial compliances and liabilities. He is the one to advise you on the financial status of your business.

Another set of processes you must complete before launching your business.

  • Domain and Hosting
  • Branding and Designing
  • Design and Development
  • Marketing

Domain Name and Hosting for your business

A Domain Name is the digital form of your business or activity. A domain name is an essential part of your online identity. The internet identifies you only through your unique domain name. People use this digital address or web address to search your business. You need to buy a unique domain name for your business.,, and are a few examples of domain names.

Hosting, aka Website Hosting or Web Hosting, is the process of residing your website on a public server. All the data, files, images, videos, and more are preserved meticulously in this public server. You may host your website alongwith others on a server and utilize the server’s shared resources for your website. This is known as Shared Hosting.

You may alternatively host your website on an exclusive server. All the server resources will be dedicated to managing your website. This is known as Dedicated Hosting. You also can install various add-ons and enable security features for your website.

Branding and Designing

When we talk about Branding and Designing, we refer to the creative elements that graphically convey our company’s brand image, values, and business essence.

Business Logo:

A short symbolical representation of your business name that carries the essence and concept behind your business is your logo. The colors, patterns, and fonts used play a crucial role.


A signage visually represents a word or phrase or an important piece of information. It plays a substantial role in making the general public aware of the existence of a brand.

As a business owner, you may place your signs in a public location to convey a message or an advertisement for your products and services.

By using signage on private premises or in closed environments like buildings, offices, or residential colonies, you can indicate the availability of something or someplace. Signage can be classified as Directional signages, Safety signages, and Informational signages.

Business Cards:

Business Cards are your silent partners in progress. They narrate your business story even without uttering a single word. Your Business Card becomes your 1st catalyst in initiating a dialog with a stranger. Your business card ensures he doesn’t stay a stranger anymore. Business Cards are the best weapon to build trust.

Based on the type of business you are into, you can go for Single-sided, Double-sided, Custom made, Embossed, Glossy, and Metallic finished business cards.

Design and Development

A neatly designed and well-laid-out website is necessary to make your online business a huge success. Your beautiful website would lure your customers to come repetitively for their purchases.

Website Designing:

Web designing is the process of developing a website. It involves planning, designing, and coding the website. Web designers and developers work jointly on every aspect of the website, from UI to layout, graphics to content, navigation to quality check. They also have a responsibility to ensure that the website's quality, clarity, and usability are at par with the industry standards.

A simple and user-friendly website is what you need. Place high-resolution images and videos. Your visitor must be able to navigate smoothly from one page to another. Avoid displaying all your products on one page. Declutter your product page by segregating products under relevant categories.

Ecommerce Website Development:

Ecommerce, in simple words, means doing business using electronic mode.

When you want your customers to look no further once they land on your website, a superbly created ecommerce website is your only choice. The seller has the opportunity to showcase his products at the best price, with all possible offers and discounts, while the buyer is at liberty to select, compare, and study the features before picking up the products of his choice. A dissatisfied customer may return the product to the seller for a full refund in a few cases.

An ecommerce website gives the seller a chance to shine using his products and services, to which the buyer delightfully rates and reviews his performance. Isn’t that great?

An ecommerce website is a digital storefront for your company, organization, or individual that sells products or services online. Your website may prove the most effective sales channel for your organization. You can leverage technology to provide goods and services to customers at the most reasonable rates. Besides superior quality and reasonable prices, customers consider the convenience of placing their orders online.

Setting up Online payment options:

Should cash and checks be the only acceptable modes of payment? “No” will be your answer.

Setting up an online payment option is a straightforward task that you can accomplish in a few simple steps.

The first step is to choose your Payment Gateway type.

There are two types of payment gateways:

  • Merchant Account Providers
  • Standalone Providers.

Merchant account providers provide both the gateway and the merchant account, while standalone providers only provide the gateway service. Setting up an online payment page is a critical step for any business. It is important to make sure that your customers know how to purchase from you, and the best way to do that is by having a simple, easy-to-navigate payment gateway.

Related Blog: Top Advantages of Accepting Payment Online through Your Website

Besides cash and checks, offer your customers the option to pay using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking, and Wallets. All digital modes of payment look great but enveloping them with an additional security layer where their transaction data travels through 128-Bit encrypted channel delivers the best value to your ecommerce portal. Adding a security layer might increase your expenses, but it's an investment worth the price. Think from your buyer’s perspective, and you will never regret it.

Pamper your customers well, and they will never leave you.


Marketing - A Powerful Weapon of Mass Attraction

Marketing has been as ancient as the human race.

You must market your products and services to let people know about your brand, products, and services. Putting the best marketing strategies lets your customers know more about your business and the products you deal in. You need to choose the right platform where your marketing efforts will yield the best results.

For years marketing has been perceived as a hardcore business activity. But in this digital age, marketing has taken a softer path to penetrate the markets and generate demand for your products or services.

Marketing begins at the very moment you identify your customer’s pain areas. It must follow with a solution that offers them freedom from the problem. You will come across times when your customers are reluctant to pay the price for the product unless you attach a value to that solution. Price may soon be forgotten, but the value remains constant. This value motivates your customers to come again, converting them into a loyal breeds.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a true amalgamation of best marketing practices and proven strategies built around your business brand.

Paid Marketing - Ads are your best brand buddies. Let these ads chisel out a permanent impression on the minds of your viewers.

Utilize Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Social Media Ads to your benefit. Pick up a package that best suits your budget. Create impactful, sarcastic, funny, or thought-provoking ads to build an audience that resonates with your ideas.

Social Media Marketing

In this fast-paced life, staying connected with the ones you love and value is attributed to Social Media platforms. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest have taken the world by storm. The whole world has shrunk into a small mobile display.

Please stay connected with your customers through social media platforms, using their marketplace to demonstrate your products. Regularly create engaging posts for your audience and build your follower (fan) base.

Harness the power of Social Media for your online business in the Cayman Islands.

Email Marketing

With time, emails, like other communication tools, have evolved, giving their users the freedom and power to communicate with the world in the way they like. Just like websites, emails have the power to strengthen your brand value. Scheduling email campaigns periodically will always keep your customer updated about your activities.

Let your customers know when you come up with some fantastic ideas, offers, year-end sales, or special festive discounts. Design a newsletter that talks to your customers the same way you do. Make your subscribers feel special by sending them personalized newsletters keeping their interests and choices in view. Avoid sending unsolicited newsletters.

In addition to engaging subscribers and nurturing leads, a successful email campaign can build brand loyalty and credibility among readers. This simple and effective marketing tool promises a high conversion ratio.

How can Netclues help you?

Netclues, a Marketing and Branding company in Cayman has been consistently offering consultation to a diverse spectrum of more than 1000 customers in Technology, Branding, SEO, Designing, and Digital Marketing for more than 13 years.

Are you interested in hiring an Award-Winning company to manage and grow your Online Business in the Cayman Islands? Call us at +1 (345)-936-2222 and watch your business rise to the stars.

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