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03 May 2022

Netclues Becomes Google Shopping & Apps Ads Certified

Netclues Becomes Google Shopping & Apps Ads Certified

It calls for celebration as Netclues adds 2 more feathers to its hat. As part of the Google Adwords Program, we have achieved our Google Shopping Ads and Google App Ads certifications.

Regardless of the media, ads have always enjoyed a special place in our lives. While News and Print Media have consistently published their ads, the digital platform and social media are turning up the heat, giving them a cutthroat competition.

Have you ever thought about what these ads have up their sleeves? They have an absolute intention to help you buy what you crave.

Join us as we embark on a journey to understand what Google Shopping Ads and Google Apps Ads certifications mean. We will have a sneak peek at their commercial benefits and value proposition for our customers.

Understanding Google Shopping Ads.

Google Shopping Ads are the shop owner’s best friend. They help your business by promoting your products and directing your prospects to your website or an e-store. They help attract new customers, increase site traffic, and generate more sales. Getting more qualified leads becomes easy with Google Shopping Ads.

Understanding Google Shopping Ads

Google Ads and the Google Merchant Center are the 2 platforms that Google Shopping Ads supports.

Using Google Ads for your shopping campaigns is how to go about it. Like any other campaign, you can manage your budgets and bids. You may learn from the gathered feedback. As your campaign progresses, you can consider optimizing your insights. Use Google Merchant Center’s simple interface to upload your product feeds.

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The product feed consists of all the product information (that you wish to display in your ad) to be sent to Google through your Google Merchant Center. Google captures all the data received from Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. Google uses that data to create ads and places them at locations where your prospective buyers can see them.

If you compare the traditional text ads to Google Shopping Ads, you are highly mistaken. The Google Shopping Ads are way different because they are created exclusively to boost your products by advertising them in the best possible manner.

The Shopping Ads are a complete package. Product photo and its title and description supported with the price and the name of the store selling that product go into the creation of the shopping ads. This gives complete information to the buyer at a glance, helping him make an informed decision. The buyer need not visit the seller’s website to know the basic product details. Hence, Google Shopping Ads are a much more reliable source for generating qualified leads you can count on.

SEO is the foundation of your Google Shopping Ads. It is Google’s algorithm and not the seller that decides the time when a specific ad is displayed. Google considers the feed, bids, and the site to determine the search queries responsible for triggering the ads.

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Display Locations for Google Shopping Ads

The Shopping Ads are displayed on:

  • Google Shopping,
  • Google Search,
  • Google Search Partner websites,
  • YouTube,
  • Google Display Network.

The Benefits of Using Google Shopping Ads

Traffic enhancement:

As per a study, major retailers have experienced an enhancement in their click-through rates due to replacing the traditional text ads with Google Shopping ads.

More Qualified Leads:

If a retailer features his product information directly in your shopping ads, his users gain an insight into the products before clicking the ad. This empowers the customers to make informed decisions and complete their purchases faster.

Ease of managing retail campaigns:

Contrary to routine text ads, Google Shopping Ads prefers using product attributes over keywords, making products, groups, and campaigns management through Google Ads simple and explicit.

Larger exposure:

We generally witness multiple shopping ads appearing for any search. Suppose you also have a text ad published that matches the same search query. Your products will have a larger exposure to the potential audience, significantly enhancing your chances of sales conversions

Powerful reporting module:

When you talk about Google Shopping Ads.

You can filter the products, check competition using benchmarked data, and use the Bid Simulator tool for business opportunity identification. This delivers value to your campaigns, making them practical, logical, and efficient.

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About Google Apps Ads

As an app owner/advertiser, you must make the Google App campaign an integral part of your Marketing Strategy for the Mobile App.

Google App Campaigns are targeted at making your mobile app reach consumers across Google’s digital platforms.

Google App Campaign these days has become essential for any mobile app company that wishes to add new users to its clientele.

You can use Google App Ad for app install campaigns and in-app conversions as an app marketer. Using the machine learning technique, Google identifies the most successful ad campaign and displays it at a location where it would perform optimally.

Display Locations for Google App Campaigns

The Google App Ads are displayed on:

  • Google Search,
  • Google Display Network,
  • In-app,
  • Gmail,
  • Google Play Store, and
  • YouTube.

Types of app campaigns

You have 3 app campaign types to consider while setting “App promotion” as your goal.

They are

  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • App pre-registration (Android only).

Each app campaign is dedicated to unique actions and bid strategies.

App Installs

The ads that inspire users to install your app run under this app campaign.

Google App Ads can automate its targeting and bidding procedures to get the best value from every download. You also have the facility to optimize your campaign by finding valuable users based on important actions.

App Engagement

This app campaign is meant for your existing users. This campaign directs these users to a specific landing page to create an engagement with them.

App pre-registration (Only for Android users)

The ads that run under this app campaign will help you build brand awareness and bring alive an element of excitement amongst your users before your app is released on the Google Play Store. During this pre-registration phase, you can invite interested users to register for your app in your Play Console.

How Does Google App Ads Work?

Google App Campaigns employ a smart approach by taking image variations, existing ad copy, videos, and other digital assets into consideration. Google App uses them to create and publish suitable advertisements based on user preferences. The beauty of Google Ads campaigns is that you don't need to create individual ads.

You can set up your Google App Campaign in minutes with a clear objective. Google employs its Machine Learning techniques to test and optimize the inputs you provide. This is followed by Google App picking up the graphical data from your play store. Considering the engagement and conversions received from the campaign, it puts the necessary elements together and generates the most accurate ad results.

In due course, the Google App campaign continuously observes and monitors the campaign progress, learns from it, and fine-tunes the ads to give you the utmost benefits.

Google’s recommendation:

  • Provide a minimum of 1 portrait & 1 landscape image.
  • Provide a minimum of 1 portrait & 1 landscape video.
  • Provide relevant HTML5 assets.

For better results, you can also do the following:

  • Define your Daily Ad Spend.
  • Specify your (target) cost-per-install (CPI) or cost-per-action (CPA).
  • Mention your target location and languages.
  • Create atleast 4 exclusive lines of text (within a limit of 25 characters).

Google will conduct various tests for the selected asset combinations to filter out the best performer upon submission.

The Benefits of Using Google Apps Ads

Investing in Google App Campaigns might make you rethink (about your money). But the results you get are much more satisfying and sales-oriented.

Let’s discuss the benefits of using Google App Ads for your business

Effective and faster than SEO

Did you know that Google AdWords works faster than SEO?

Google AdWords and SEO are both search engine-based marketing strategies. They both work towards generating a significant amount of traffic and genuine leads. If your AdWords campaign is properly optimized, it can work faster than SEO for any business and offer a decent search ranking.

Here are a few reasons that make Google Apps faster and more dependable.

  • It allows you to focus on multiple keywords at a time.
  • Switching your campaign On or Off at will is possible with Google App Ads.
  • With proper planning and strategy, Google App Ads can make your ad visible at the top of the page. Ads visible at the top of the page increase your chances of sales conversions as they immediately grab the buyer's attention.

With AdWords, you have a higher chance of diverting more traffic and leads to your portal. The Google App Ads platform is transparent. Hence you are aware of the activities happening there.

Builds brand awareness.

Google AdWords aims not just to increase traffic with few clicks and bring conversions to your website but to be your most effective and efficient brand ambassador. Shouldn’t you take advantage and aim to increase your brand awareness using Google App Ads?

Increases Customer Reach through Gmail (Inbox)

Every business uses email marketing to market their products and services, so Gmail ads become beneficial. Google integrated native Gmail ads with Google AdWords in Sept 2015.

Additionally, this was made available to all advertisers. You can now reach more prospective customers using their Gmail inbox.

Generally, Gmail ads are displayed in the promotion tab. You can sometimes see Gmail ads on the social tab also. These ads run equally on desktops and mobiles. Gmail ads are a kind of budget ads as they cost much less compared to Google search ads. If you don't wish to have any extra load on your pocket, you can try Gmail ads.

Consistent Performance Measurement

When it comes to measuring the performance of traditional advertising sources like newspapers, radio, television, hoardings, and billboards on the main roads or the brochures and handheld leaflets, all fall short of delivering the exact conversions. Despite spending more on traditional ad media than Google Adwords, neither your outcome is concrete nor the ROI guaranteed.

Be a smart business owner because each penny counts. Google App campaigns are way superior to the traditional advertising options.

The power of the Google App Campaign lies in its transparency, indicating the status at every stage of your campaign.

Google Apps gives you the value for parameters like who clicked the ad, the number of generated leads, the amount of traffic received from the AdWords campaign, top-performing keywords in terms of traffic and leads, and the average cost per lead.

You can use this information to fine-tune your campaign and achieve your desired results. This is the power of Google App Ads.

Beat your competition.

If you wish to move ahead of the competition, switching to the Google App campaign will be your best move. You are equally out of the competition when you are out of the campaign.

No leads, no conversion, no sales, and no business.

You might wonder if this is possibly the worst scenario, yet you can’t ignore it. Get down to work by keeping an eye on your competitor. Observe how they promote their brand and business; check the types of campaigns they run and their target audience.

Using the transparent system of Google Ads, beat your competition and become the market leader.

How did Netclues achieve these certifications?

Google has always stood by those aspiring to develop their knowledge and build their credibility in this Digital World. Google has a series of certifications to inspire individuals and corporates to select products and achieve expertise.

What is Google Skillshop?

Google Skillshop is a repository for all the e-learning courses conducted by Google’s uniquely trained subject matter experts.

You will find

  • Google Ads,
  • Google Marketing Platform,
  • Analytics Academy,
  • Google Ad Manager,
  • Google AdMob, etc.

Digital experts at Netclues undertook the Google Ads Certification by acquiring knowledge and developing skills related to Google Ads Search, Google Ads Discovery, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, Shopping Ads, Google Ads Apps, and more. They cleared the relevant assessment tests, and Netclues became Google Shopping Ads, and Google App Ads certified.

Make Netclues Your Preferred Google Shopping & App Ads Partner - Today.

We have attempted to address various aspects of the Google Shopping Ad campaign and Google App Ad campaign during this blog journey. Google Ads is the best method to advertise your products or apps to your target audience and earn substantial business revenue. Google ads also are a great tool to generate awareness about your company and build your brand value.

If you want your products or apps to reach an audience, Google Ads is your best sales partner. Call Netclues at (+1 (345)-525-9999) to design a Google Ad strategy for a successful business.

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