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04 March 2021

Your Facebook page is a cash cow - Protect it against hackers

Your Facebook page is a cash cow - Protect it against hackers

“$400 has been deducted spent on your Facebook ad.” You just received this message. If you are the sole authorizer, do you remember running a campaign? If not, your Facebook Ad account has been hacked!

Please know that this has not happened to you alone. There have been many instances where hackers got into a Facebook Ad account and spent money to run other ads. It is frustrating for two main reasons; firstly, the hacker spends YOUR cash to run their ads. Secondly, you have to rework your marketing strategies, costing you thousands of dollars and ample time. It’s a tremendous financial and mental strain.

Two Hacking Scenarios

Hacking instances have been taking place quite a bit in today’s world, so it is unquestionably vital that you maintain high-level security on your Facebook profile. We’re not saying this to alarm you about the shock value. Instead, we just want to get your attention and make sure you understand its importance.

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There are various kinds of hacking instances like

  • Facebook Business Manager getting hacked.
  • Facebook Profile/Page getting hacked.
  • Losing access to your personal or professional data
  • Losing access to a particular Facebook Ad Account.

Hacking can get pretty vicious.

#1 The hacker will exploit your Ad account and use the funds (maybe all of it) to run random ads or run his ads. Do you want all your money to go up in the smoke?

#2 In the more recent examples, hackers can remove you as the admin or the manager of your very own Facebook Ad account. This situation renders you completely helpless.

Additionally, they can delete your existing and upcoming ad campaigns, resulting not only in the loss of money but putting your efforts to square one.

How to prevent from getting hacked?

Let's begin by figuring out how to prevent your Facebook Ad Account/ Business Account from being hacked. We will give you an overview of how to manage important settings in the Ad account.

Delete Ad Account Admins that don't need access

Add the required number of account admins only. DO NOT give the full Facebook Admin role to others for security purposes. This also allows you to share employee access as and when required with the campaign managers. Keep a close watch to see if the access allowed is adequately justified without security loopholes.

In a situation where one of your admin profiles gets hacked, it could very well risk your business page and Ad account. If this happens and if you don't have a Business Manager, go to Account Setting>Ad Account. You can remove the user whose profile is compromised.

If you have a Business Manager, go to the People Section>Business Settings. Now remove the user or the user's access.

Reset Passwords

Surely you must have heard of this before!

We can't stress this enough. Frequently changing your password is an excellent way to prevent your Facebook or Facebook Ad account from hacking.

Do not be lackadaisical and use the same password everywhere. Use different passwords to log in to Facebook, Gmail, or any other accounts that you create. Creating complex passwords is one of the best practice, but with the condition, you remember them!

Reset Passwords

Additional App Permissions.

By default, many Facebook apps have some permissions that you don’t want the apps to have. To minimize the factors that can lead your Facebook Ad account to be hacked, delete any unnecessary Business Integrations, Apps, or Websites you aren't familiar with or are of no use.

Additional App Permissions

Two-factor authentication.

It is an added security feature that shields your Facebook account. To set up two-factor authentication, you will have to enter a unique log in code. So each time you log in from a different device, you will have to enter the code.

Moreover, Facebook sends you alerts when someone attempts to log in from a browser or device that the platform doesn't recognize.

To set up the two-factor authentication for your Business Manager, head to its Setting>Security.

Two-factor authentication

Important Tips

  • If you are using a shared computer or any other device to operate Facebook ad accounts, make sure you log out each time you are done with the session. Always remember to clear the browser’s cache memory and cookies. Removing temp files from the computer is also a great idea.
  • It is advisable never to share Facebook login information with anyone.

Is your Facebook Ad account hacked?

Are you facing this situation at the moment?

Please know that various marketing firms can help escalate these matters quickly. Netclues is an integrated marketing agency and a verified Facebook Partner. When your account gets hacked, a dedicated team will get behind the wheels to restore the situation.

Here is an overview

Step 1 If an attempt is made to remove your role as an Admin, you will receive a prompt notification from Facebook, and the same will pop up in your Business Manager account.

We will figure out who’s Facebook account has been compromised. For example, if an admin’s profile gets hacked into to use your Facebook Ad account.

Step 2 It is time to revoke hacked user profiles from the Facebook Ad account page.

We will remove the unknown user profile as Admin.

Step 3 Next, it is advisable to remove the debit/credit card information from your account used to pay for ads. You can also talk to your bank and restrict any payment activity from Facebook.

Step 4 To ensure your account is secure (the hacked account), we also resort to an option called “Secure Your Account on Facebook.” This step boots out the hacker for good.

This option only works when the hacker has logged the admin out and changed the password.

Step 5 A Netclues marketing expert will contact Facebook on your behalf and submit all the documents related to your business once they are provided from your end.

Did we make it sound like a cakewalk? That is what we are skilled to do. We have had clients come to us to resolve the hacking issues after draining a lot of their energy and capital.

Once your Facebook Ad Account/profile is compromised, it is tricky, time-consuming, and money-draining from that moment onwards. The more the delay, the more the damage.

Netclues is a Facebook Marketing Partner that gives it the added ability to increase your ad campaigns’ impact and secure it simultaneously. Another advantage is that if your Facebook Ad account is hacked, a dedicated team from our end will resolve the matter as soon as possible. Not only do we secure your present, but we also ensure that your Facebook Ad account does not fall into the clutches of unethical hackers.

Facebook Marketing has become a global trend as it is easy to reach the target market. Putting energy and investing money on a platform browsed every second by someone in the target audience makes selling a cakewalk. An appropriately directed strategy and research of the market can get recognized in no time.

Though, advertising here (on Facebook) comes with pros and cons. With Netclues’ marketing and advertising experts, we give our best to make things secure for our customers as our clients’ accounts’ safety is our top priority as we make sure of all the cons and provide them with pros!

Jay Mehta
Written by Jay Mehta

Take the necessary steps from the very beginning to avoid falling into the trap of such malware techs. They are all around waiting for the moment to get into the system to take atrocious actions. GET IT RIGHT TAKING THE LEGITIMATE STEPS, OR GET HACKED!

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